New Island

As most of you have doubtless noticed, there is a new island behind the castle on the North shore of Stonehaven Island.  The new region is Stonehaven Village.  It is a Homestead sim and will host rental homes for people who want to live at Stonehaven.  There will be a town square, paths to each lot, and a bridge to the main island.

Right now the breakdown is ten plots with 350 prims per plot at 720 Lindens per week.  This comes very close to the present  2 Lindens per prim per day renters are paying. Plus there are several advantages over the current rental homes.

The up side —

* Prim allocation is up from 200 to 350.

* Instead of a house in the sky with a little strip of grass you actually get a plot of land on the ground.

* More distance from your neighbors.

The down side —

* Even though it still comes to 2 Lindens a prim, since prim allocaiton is up, rent will rise to 720 Lindens a week.

* The prim count of the house will now come out of the 350 total.

The full covenant will be published in due course.  We will ask that homes on the ground be kept in theme; gothic or medieval homes.  You may have a skybox instead if you choose.  If it is not visable from the ground, homes can be any style you want.

At present the plan is to “sell” the lot as the first months rent.  This will give you land privileges allowing you to set your own music and video streams.  In following months, you just pay the rental box.

When will it open?  Good question.  I’m not working on it at the moment.  When I ordered the original island over a year ago it took Linden Labs about three days to bring it online.  I had anticipated a similar delay.  The new region came online in 20 minutes after I placed the order.  Also, I’ve been getting a lot of unsolicited “advice” on what I’m doing wrong from people who have never spent a Linden of their own money on their own region.  I don’t much feel like working right now.

As always, things can change along the way as new opportunities or ideas present themselves.

Dirk Massiel

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3 Comments on “New Island”

  1. samatha Congrejo Says:

    Dirk don’t let the whinners and complainers get you down.

    You do such wonderful work and made a special place for us all.

    Still you work hard to imrpove it constantly. Those that appreiate it are the ones you need to be hearing from.



  2. Walter Balazic Says:

    I’ll get my change of address in order.. LOL.

    Looking forward to it Dirk..


  3. Those that matter don’t care and those that care don’t matter.

    If you do Stonehaven for fun let it be for fun and don’t let those that only ever complain effect you. They have a view of their own but lack the ambition to see it through and thus attempt to live it out through others.

    Stonehaven is your vision, build it as you see fit and the crowd that loves you and your ideas will be there for you along the way.


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