WTF is going on at Stonehaven?

The following is a re-post of the WTF notecard I distributed in SL to explain recent changes:

I meant to write this notecard on Friday when I’d planned to open the new shopping area, but with all the rumors flying its obvious I’ve already waited too long.

Yes, changes are afoot at Stonehaven.  Hopefully you’ll find them changes for the better.

Regarding Beverly Ultsch and Bev’s quarter —

When the island first went in, it was with the understanding Bev would pay one quarter of the tier and design one quarter of the island.  It was my decision to end that arrangement this June.  I did so in an effort to exercise more control over the prim and CPU usage in the ongoing effort to mitigate lag.  I think Bev also has had the feeling that in the present economy her RL money may be better spent elsewhere.  You’ll have to ask her about that yourself since her personal finances are none of my business.  I have no animosity toward Bev and I hope she holds none toward me either.  She remains a Warden of Stonehaven with all the powers and privileges of that office.

There will be no development of the NE quarter until the old vendor Skyplatform is dismantled.  After that, my plans for that quarter remain fluid.  It will most likely be trees and a graveyard.

Regarding the Skyplatform vendor area —

Word came from an anonymous Linden who plays here that if the platform were 1000m or higher textures from the ground would not load from up there and textures from up there would not load while on the ground.  This would mean everyone would potentially enjoy less client side lag.

The demand for vendor space here has been larger than I had ever dreamed.  The original eighteen bays have grown to sixty bays, four carts and six buildings.  It “grew” in a rather organic fashion and not as it would have if I’d planned for such expansion from the beginning.  Most notably, the landing spot would have been in the center.

I get a lot of requests for vendor spaces.  I turn people away on average at least once a week.  It was obvious the area could be expanded and new spaces filled in short order.  Bev’s departure meant I had 1/4 of the tier to find.  It also meant I had the prims and CPU capacity to do it.

Regarding samatha Congrejo —

Sam was aware that although I have a group of wonderful volunteer Wardens who help resolve conflicts, I’m pretty much a one man band.  With the server side memory leak, it has been necessary to perform restarts of the region from time to time.  Sometimes the region needed one when I wasn’t around and Psi was also unavailable.  She volunteered to take on the duty of restarting Stonehaven Island if it needed it and I wasn’t available.  This was done with the understanding nothing would be done that I was not kept informed of.  Yes, I have control issues.  You may want to make note of that for future reference.

When it came time to begin the process of inviting the current vendors to the new platform, Sam once again volunteered to help with the transition by reserving spots for current vendors in as close to the current configuration as possible.  Of course because of the moving of the landing site, not everyone was going to be thrilled and would doubtless want to move to a new spot.  Sam has done her best to satisfy their needs, as have I if the complaint came to me.

Sam works here under my direction and supervision.  If you have any concerns with her or any of the Wardens, please IM me.

Rumors in general —

If you have any questions about what is planned for Stonehaven, feel free to ask me.  I like to chat and pipedream about the possibilities of what I may add or take out.  I’m also open to constructive comments, so if you have a thought for something cool to add, I’d like to hear it.  You’ll get better information if you ask me than if you listen to the rumor mill.

Dirk Massiel

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