Care and feeding of Wardens

Its been another action packed weekend in Linden Paradise, with Stonehaven being down most of the weekend due to problems at one of the SL datacenters.  So I find myself with a few minutes for serene contemplation.

One of the questions that pops up from time to time is, “How do you choose your Wardens?”  The process is entirely arbitrary.  First, I notice none of the present Wardens are around, especially at a particular time of day.  Next, I start looking around at who is usually around at that time of day.  Then I start looking for a certain kind of personality.  I look for someone willing to lend a hand when someone needs help.  I look for someone who may be Domme or sub, but in either case doesn’t allow themselves to be a human doormat or what I like to call a TechnoCrap — “I take no crap from anybody.”  Balance this with an even temper and/or patience.  And finally, someone who isn’t in too big a hurry for the job.  In other words, they aren’t in it for the power.

What does the job involve?  Its pretty simple.  Protect the guests and protect the sim.  If someone desperately needs to find the exit, help them out it.  There are no set schedules, but people will IM asking for help from time to time.  All Wardens are volunteers, in other words they don’t get paid.  However, they do get to ban people.  Because Psi’s Realm and Stonehaven share Wardens and ban lists, they get banned from both at the same time.  And there is a certain satisfaction to speeding a jerk on his way.  All the Wardens have my complete confidence.  When they speak as a Warden they speak with my voice.

The downside is some people will hate you because you are the witch that banned them from that sim they hated anyway.  Or banned their Mistress or friend or whatever.  And you are power mad and clearly out of control… blah blah blah.  I don’t say it enough, but we are lucky to have some really great volunteers that stepped up when I asked and decided they would make Stonehaven and its guests their responsibility.

In roughly the order they joined, Psi Merlin (Mistress of Psi’s Realm in the region Snark), Saromay Isabella, Niamh Hax, Beverly Ultsch, Tat1ana Pera, Isabel Schulze, Rylla Jewell, Mini Pinion, Idoru Ryba, Chriss Rosca, Yasmin Heartsdale, samatha Congrejo, Virgo Babii, Aimee Riptide, Cerdita Piek, Teyonas Miklos, Yar Telling, Winthorpefoghorn Zinnemann, Moss Hastings, Latexia Neox.  And inactive, but still with all the powers and privileges of the office as Warden Emeritus, Leather Barbosa, Lace Voom, MiaKate Merlin, Fawn Lovenkraft, Lydia Wycliffe, Blanche Vuckovic.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for all the guests, for Stonehaven and for me.

If you ever encounter a griefer you can find which Wardens are online by consulting the Online Notifier on the patio.  An asterisk (*) by their name means they are in either Stonehaven or Snark.

Dirk Massiel

addendum: Walter Balazic has just agreed to assume the duties of Warden.  Thank you, Walter.

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3 Comments on “Care and feeding of Wardens”

  1. samatha Congrejo Says:

    Dirk, you forgot one thing.

    It is always safe to leave your keys with wardens, we will keep them and you safe from the evils of stonehaven, We promise!!

    (Smiles angelically)

  2. Shuggi Says:

    Makes as much sense as trusting a neko.

  3. Walter Balazic Says:

    I’m in complete agreement Sam…

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