Changes and Construction

I don’t have a lot of significance to say, but I haven’t posted for a while, so maybe a few minor items will do.

Lydia suffered an equipment failure that slowed the construction of her new jail, but shes plodding on as best she can with an old laptop.

I added an item to the rules to address the recent invasion of Bloodlines players.  The rule is simply No Bloodlines activities here.  I’d explain why, but many others have done rants on this virus.  I think the insidious pyramid aspect of it aside, the thing I find most irritating is that they don’t keep it in their own sim.  I don’t walk into a vanilla shopping center, ask someone to scene and then get mad when they refuse.

The new shopping area is now fully rented.  Amazing how fast that happened.  The Village has only four lots left.  They’ve also been filling amazingly fast.

Creating is a personal thing for me.  Not quite so much as when I was writing.  That was like carving out a little piece of my soul and putting it on display.  But Stonehaven at times feels like a child; I know I’ve watched it grow up.  So, yes, sometimes I take it personally when too many people seem to think I’m doing things all wrong and are only too glad to share their advice unsolicited.  I don’t mind constructive comments, but when someone I’ve never seen before lands on the patio, tells me my textures all suck — oh and by the way, he sells textures…  I’d never met a door to door texture salesman before.  The best of my steering committee, people full of criticism, are amusing on one level — most have never spent a linden of their own money on their own land.  Its like they feel the need build vicariously, through me.  I’d planned a major overhaul of the main Stonehaven Island, but I don’t feel in a hurry to do it right now.  That’s why the NE quarter is empty and will stay empty until I feel creative again.

Dirk Massiel

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One Comment on “Changes and Construction”

  1. Dodger Snowpaw Says:

    I’ve recentlly got to your sim, its great. Keep the the theme on any additions

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