“Adult” rating coming soon

The blog has been quiet as of late because I’ve been waiting for something big enough to post about.  You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?

We had some discussion today about Linden Lab’s coming Adult Verification kicking in.  The main concern on my mind, “When do we have to rate Stonehaven Island as ‘Adult’?”  Of course, to date, there has been no clear answer.  A quick chat with concierge tonight concluded with a scripted reply convincing me the right hand not only has no clue what the left hand is up to, its entirely reasonable to assume they’ve never been introduced.  I decided to wait until a Linden stomped on my balls and logged out.

Having just returned from a business trip, I went through my e-mail backlog and found this:

Dear Second Life Resident,

In September, the Adult Content Policy transition period will end, and in preparation, we recently reviewed parcel descriptions and classified advertisements. We noticed that, while either your parcel description or classified ad contains or references adult content, your land is not flagged as Adult. We’re writing to alert you to this oversight in your listing and let you know how easy it can be to address it. Please note that if you don’t take action, your listings may be removed from search results (though they will continue to incur full listing fees) and account restrictions may be imposed when the transition period ends.

How can you avoid this messiness and continue to reach your target audience with your listings? Simply comply with the Adult Content Policy by taking one of the following actions, if you have not already done so:

  • Private region owners, change your region rating to Adult.
  • If you rent, or if you own Mainland property then move to an Adult region (Zindra or Adult rated private region.
  • OR Remove any adult-themed content from your parcel description, classified ad and land (whichever is applicable).

For further detail, read the Adult Content Policy and tips.

Thank you,
Linden Lab Customer Support

  • Uh… No, there has been no “oversight” on my part.  I’m just not going to crush traffic until you make me, LL.
  • “In September” – ah, now there’s a precise date!  Could you possibly be any more vague?
  • “Remove any adult-themed content from your … land”  – Does this mean you’re going to make the renters in Stonehaven Village rate “Adult” or pick up their sex beds from their private homes?

I could rant on, but those will do for a start.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  The boom is being lowered at long last.  You and I are officially being swept under the carpet as the embarrassment we are.  Some time very soon, I will be forced to flip the “Adult” switch.  The only people able to enter the region will be those that are “Adult verified”.

Okay, so what does this mean to you?  How can you continue visiting Stonehaven or any of the other content Linden Labs has chosen to rate as “Adult”?

  • First, there is the adult verification process that Linden Labs has been pushing for ages.  Unfortunately it does not work for all countries that SL serves.  There have been a number of posts pointing out that the verification system they have chosen to employ will accept almost any input if you find your factual information is rejected.  Someone told me the other night Elvis was in the cage room.  I joked that so many people have adult verified as Elvis, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.  Now please understand — I am NOT telling you to go out and falsify information in adult verification.  I’m only saying that the personal information you enter as part of the verification process is not forwarded to LL.  The only thing they get is a yes or no flag.  And that its hard to respect a system that hasn’t even considered the legality of soliciting or providing certain private information in some countries.  Or even if you provide that information it will be rejected anyway.  So, as usual, the people hurt in any system like this are the honest people who choose to play by the rules.
  • Second, LL has decided to also accept payment info.  In other words, if they have a credit card on file for you, or you’ve ever bought anything from them or from SLExchange (now XStreetSL) you may find yourself already verified.

Once you are adult verified, through whichever process, be sure to check your search boxes so you can search adult content.  Since there are no outward signs you’re verified, you may want to confirm it worked by visiting a region in the new leper colony… er.. Adult Continent of Zindra.  If you need a region name, try “Gilda”.  There’s a info hub there.  The first time you enter an Adult region SL will warn you and ask if you really want to do this.  Don’t worry — this only happens once.

If you have any questions or problems, there are a number of posts and web pages out there on how to easily get yourself verified, up and running.

Consider yourselves forewarned.  The “Adult” switch is going to be flipped in Stonehaven Island “Real Soon Now”.

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