Turning the Forced TP Landing Point back on (and other signs of the apocolypse)

I wish I had something more pleasant to blog about.

Yes, I have very reluctantly turned the forced TP Landing Point back on. Why would I do this and break all your wonderful force TP toys? Because, frankly, we’re in a fight for our life.

When I turned off the force Landing Point sales on the Shopping platform slumped. Its okay, we can survive that. The Lindens have introduced memory leaks and other server-side issues causing lag and freezes to the point everyone knows this is a laggy sim. Even I call it Laghaven on occasion. And sales take a little hit. Dari left SL and threw a grenade in the room by releasing all her stuff into the Public Domain.  And sales took a hit. And we were forced to reclassify as “Adult”. And sales took another hit…

Over the last couple of months, vendors have not been renewing their rentals and are leaving Stonehaven. Those rentals pay about 3/4 of tier for this sim. Without the vendors we have no rental income. Without rental income, we can’t make tier. Its as simple as that. Frankly the trend is alarming.

So, what can be done about it? Turn the forced Landing Point back on and drive some traffic to the Shopping Platform. Maybe people have just forgotten about it. I’ve also installed a kiosk near the cage room. The kiosk displays textures advertising businesses on the Shopping Platform. If someone touches the kiosk, it rezzes a TP vehicle to take them directly to that shop.

Honestly, I consider these to be stopgap measures. This is the death of a thousand cuts and I can only stop a fraction of the bleeding. I don’t have a brilliant solution this time. I think that in a few months Stonehaven will have been abandoned by vendors to the point that it will no longer be sustainable. I certainly hold no animus toward any of them. They need to make a profit and I’m grateful they have stayed as long as they have.

We’ve had a good run. Eight months or so in Littlefield where I funded the whole operation from my back pocket. Over a year and a half here. Anything that lasts a year in SL is nearly permanent. Not bad.

We’re certainly not dead yet. Something may happen. I may come up with a brilliant solution or back into one as has been the case so often in the past. I may win the lottery. I’ll tell you one thing for certain; if this is the end, we’ll have one hell of a going away party.

Dirk Massiel

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4 Comments on “Turning the Forced TP Landing Point back on (and other signs of the apocolypse)”

  1. Walter Balazic Says:

    Allow me to toss my 2 cents in here. Alot of people practically “live” at Stonehaven and call it home. I know I do. Might I suggest that everyone who reads this since they aren’t paying out anything for “toys” anymore (assuming that’s why sales have taken a nose dive) maybe think about contributing a little something weekly to help keep Stonehaven going. The patio has a donation spot and if everyone that LIVES here just tossed as little as 100L a week at it (well worth it for everything that Stonehaven gives everyone in my opinion) maybe this would offset some of the vendor loss. Again, this is just my opinion, but to me it seems that .50 cents USD is a small price to pay for the enjoyment everyone gets here. Every little bit helps. If all 50 people I see here regularly did that, that’s $100.00 USD toward tier. It isn’t much to ask people…

    • stonehavenjanitor Says:

      I appreciate the sentiment, Walter, but your math is a little off. Fifty people contributing half a dollar each is $25. Still a welcome contribution. 🙂

      • Carola Conover Says:

        I think you have to multiply it by 4, for 4 weeks a month 😉
        Another suggestion from my side, to fight lag:
        reduce the amount of cages. Maybe use only 10 cages, and change them on a weekly basis, so that each week there are different cages to find

  2. Win Says:

    There… it had been coming for months and I had no idea. RL took me away from SL quite a lot last year, which is a reason why I haven’t been logging on as I used to… but now, reading your newly-discovered (by me) blog all at once I see how severely the Adult-verification process has undermined all that Stonehaven was. Will we all meet again on OS Grid? It may be so… meanwile, I know I HAVE to make the most of the next month and try and see as much of my beloved birthplace (so I call Stonehaven) as I can before it’s gone

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