You gotta love the Lindens…

While searching for information on what changed in the latest server updates, I found the following from Lil Linden.

“The issue underlying SVC-4196 is on it, scheduled for the second quarter next year.”

Okay, so we’re supposed to just tolerate the sim freezing every time a Mono scripted object is rezzed or enters the sim for at least another NINE MONTHS!?  I don’t even know how to respond to that.  Maybe we should all just sell our land and close our accounts for nine months?

Dirk Massiel

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One Comment on “You gotta love the Lindens…”

  1. Mini Pinion Says:

    *speechless* .. I mean .. 9 months ?!?

    Them saying that is actually bolder than just ignoring the ‘community’ as they usually do, since it basically means: “We don’t care at all about how you can or cannot use your sims .. as long as we receive your money!”

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