Changing of the Guard

Apparently no one has noticed yet.  All the more reason to do what I did a week ago.

I’ve trimmed the Warden list.  Psi agreed with me this was long overdue.  I hold no animus toward any of the Wardens, both past and present and I am very grateful to each and every one for their contributions and dedication to make the safety of the guests of Stonehaven and the region itself their personal responsibility.

People come and go in the Real World and even moreso in Second Life.  People drift away, lose interest, move on, and even die.  I’ve been reluctant to remove any names because I haven’t wanted any bad feelings about it.  Most of you are treasured friends.  But there comes a point when I have to look at a list in excess of 25 names and ask myself, “how many of these people do I ever see here anymore?”

After much thought and debate, I’ve trimmed the list back to nine, like the old days in Littlefield.  A few remain on the Emeritus list for various reasons.

Dirk Massiel

Current Wardens:

Psi Merlin
Isabel Schulze
Chriss Rosca
Cerdita Piek
Moss Hastings
samatha Congrejo
Walter Balazic
BloodWolf Ansar
Shuggi Grunspan

Warden Emeritus:

Lydia Wycliffe
Lace Voom
MiaKate Merlin
Blanche Vuckovic

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