Renovations Continue – Phase Three nears completion

As those of you who have been at Stonehaven over the last few days are aware, Phase Three, the new castle is up.  Kira Welty built a gorgeous, sprawling affair with flying buttresses, a courtyard and beautiful fountain.  I’m also in love with her choice of textures.  Cerdita Piek was kind enough to install RLV in the dungeon cells.  Most of the furniture and toys are moved in, but I’ll continue to add items as time permits, as I locate them in my inventory, and as I figure where each piece should go.  Feel free to use it as it stands, but be aware some pieces may move or be rearranged as more things arrive.  Construction continues on the hidden areas; Look for more surprises and places to explore in the days ahead.

As part of Phase Four, the old castle was lovingly de-rezzed and stray leash handles and other sundies returned to their owners.  The more level ground should make it easier for those encumbered to get around.  The Medical and Mad Scientist builds, deep under the ground have been preserved.  I also plan to save Daisy Rimbaud’s bridge.  When work on the castle is complete, I’ll continue work on this area.

I want to reassure you that I have no plans to to remove the Cage Room, the Glass Maze or the Glass Lounge.

Again, to recap —

  • Phase One – Shopping Platform expansion, move and rebuild.
  • Phase Two – Move and expand the Patio in the SE quarter.
  • Phase Three – The long awaited NE quarter rebuild — a New Castle!
  • Phase Four – NW quarter, the old castle area, land smoothed and a new structure, preserving the below water builds.

I hope you like the changes and enjoy exploring the new areas!

Dirk Massiel

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One Comment on “Renovations Continue – Phase Three nears completion”

  1. Wanda Hobble Says:

    Hi Dirk! 🙂

    LOVE the new work! But about the cage-room: you know, I’ll bet 3/4 of those cages never get used. And since they contribute greatly to the lag, how about setting up a poll to find, say, the 10 most popular. Leave them in, and maybe randomly rotate another 10 cages in. Like 640K, 20 cages otta be enough for anybody 😉

    Just mentioned this since I know you’re looking for things to do after the Great Rebuild…

    wanda the currently baned

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