A case of Why Bother

I suppose I shouldn’t feel this way because those who want to get into the spirit of the game outnumber those who don’t, but now and again something happens that discourages me and makes me ask, “Why bother?”

Something I’ve been meaning to do since Phase Two of the rebuild is add a Holding Cage to the patio.  This would be an end point for TP traps, located at the patio’s edge, and openable by anyone outside the Cage.  This would provide entertainment for those relaxing on the patio as well as hopefully be a start point for negotiations and play.

I know it may be hard to believe, but I’ve never built a proper cage before.  I’m not a great scripter and never learned to use sensors.  I’ve been working on the prototype at my old skybox.  It never fails to make me shake my head in wonder at how I can build an entire sim for people to play in, and part of a second, if you count the Village, and I can’t have one tiny private space to call my own.  I took out all my furniture long ago so the curious would have nothing to see but an empty skybox, but this doesn’t seem to have deterred them.

I was working on one last bug and contemplating the best way to handle it when someone on my friend list suddenly appeared.  I had to scramble fast to turn the security orb off and only just made it before they were ejected.  This person then proceeded to evaluate my new cage and pronounced it easy to get out of, saying no cage could hold her despite RLV.  And demonstrated it.  And then said, “Oh, sorry — did I break your cage?”  No, cheaters was one of the first things I provided for because I knew people would end up in it that did not want to be in it, who didn’t have the patience to wait for the door to be opened by someone else, or for any number of other reasons would not leave by conventional means.

And this brought me to ask, “Why bother?”

Why would someone bother using RLV if they’re just going to cheat it anyway?  And why do I bother making traps and having cells/cages/locking pose items/etc. when so many seem to delight in marginalizing them and what it is we do by pointing out how ridiculously easy it is to circumvent them?  SL was not designed with BDSM in mind, and the security of the restraints we play with is minimal at best.  It makes it very hard to maintain an illusion of helplessness when you’re constantly being reminded that there is no real way to restrain an avatar in SL.  It all depends on cooperation and/or a willing suspension of disbelief to the point of ignoring reality.

And it also made me reflect again on how amazing it is how one person’s cavalier attitude can suck the joy out of something so quickly and completely, like the popping of a fantasy balloon.

So, don’t expect to see the Holding Cage or any new traps for a while, until I can work myself up to disbelief and bring a little joy back into the equation again.

Dirk Massiel

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4 Comments on “A case of Why Bother”

  1. I ask myself the same question Dirk, why do I make the things I do when I know there will be people who think its not good enough or just cheat out of it the moment they get bored.

    We can try to invent new ways to secure them, RLV’s very purpose is for that, but some people don’t hesitate to cheat out if they feel like it.

    I think the important thing to keep in mind is this: fun.

    If you’re doing anything that doesn’t have fun involved don’t do it. This game is meant to be fun, this world is meant to be fun, so do fun things. If building, if scripting, if talking etc is fun do it. No matter what others say.

    There will always be someone who cheats out, there will always be someone who doesn’t take things seriously and there will always be someone who doesn’t like what you do. I know it’s not easy, I certainly struggle with it myself and my own works, but try not to worry about the critics, do what you want and do it for fun.

    “The people that care, don’t matter. And the people that matter, don’t care.” – Dr. Sues

    Have fun with, and at, Stonehaven, it’s your creation be proud of it. Those of us that love and enjoy it will continue to do so.

  2. Wanda Hobble Says:

    What Lylani said! 🙂

    There will always be complainers, people not happy or satisfied with what you do. Any unfortunately we tend to voice complaints more readily than praise.

    As for cheating out: I do like cages, etc. that “lock” so I can’t get out (I hate the “you will stay in the cage because I told you to!”). However, it’s the intent that counts: if it seems like the creator intended to, say, restrict TP, then I won’t try. It’s like Roger Rabbit and the handcuffs…

    It’s true there’s always a way out, but as long as there’s some intent of RLV locking (say, no TP, no far-sit) then it’s close enough for me!

    I hope you do continue with the TP-destination cage – I think it’s a GREAT idea and would be happy to volunteer as a “tester”… 😉


  3. Samm Setsuko Says:

    I hope that person reads this blog and realizes what they have done. Dirk you do amazing things, and I have been a fan of Stone since it was just a parcel. I really hope you can put people like that behind you and enjoy what you enjoy in SL.


  4. Walter Balazic Says:

    Dirk, you know as well as I do people that do that don’t mean a thing. If you take it to it’s bare level, use SLV then if your gonna cheat out of everything. Why bother? I remember the first cage I ever built and scripted had a bug someone figured out that let them sit on the top edge of the door. Mind you, this edge is 1/32 of an inch and in real life you could never sit on it, but people seem to take pride in this for some reason. The reason for this at all was I decided to put a nice “sit” pose in my cages and let people have a realistic looking “sit” while in the cage. All the RLV stuff was in place, don’t sit out, don’t tp, don’t do this and that. Everything a real life cage would do.. but god forbid, I left sit active so someone could sit on the pose on the floor. Since then I’ve corrected it but there’s always someone who’s going to do something to try to break a cage or somehow defeat the restrictions. Frankly, I’m a dominant and I don’t use RLV. But, I’ve been trapped by Psi’s cages and other traps before, and RLV or no, I sit… It’s my fault I got trapped. In RL if I somehow managed to get locked in a cage, then I stay put until it unlocks (either by a timer or someone unlocking it). If more people would treat things in SL like real items as much as possible and stop trying to use it as a puzzle and see if they can escape, they would have more fun. JMO..

    Keep up the wonderful work Dirk, for every 1 person like this, there are 50 who love all of it and love Stonehaven..

    -Walter Balazic

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