Trial and Error and Error

Sometimes things don’t quite work on the first try.  Sometimes not even the second or third.  The little hill where the patio now stands was first a pub with a big screen TV and I was the only one who ever visited it.  Second, it was a ruins with a dome cage trap which absolutely no one respected.  Most recently it was an amphitheatre.  But it finally seems to have found its niche as the home of the new and expanded patio.

So it is with the area deep Down Below under the castle.  I first put in a network of pipes with grates on timers, but rather than having that fun house quality of being a challenge to navigate it appears it was only tedious.  And with not enough extra of interest.  A few days ago I tore all that out and started on a new build in that space under the castle.

The new build is a cathedral of sorts.  Perhaps the lair of a demented cult capturing the unwary to be used in their rituals and sacrifices.  There are also a few of the expected secrets and traps for RLV users.  I added an additional way in, so there are now four ways in and out of down there.  Perhaps getting in and out won’t prove so challenging now.  I just try to create backdrops for play I think others may find interesting.  Hopefully this one will see a little more use.

Dirk Massiel

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One Comment on “Trial and Error and Error”

  1. Walter Balazic Says:

    It looks fantastic Dirk! Wonderful job as usual, lots of really cool things to play with, and a great atmosphere!!!

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