The Crusade against Stonehaven (and other delusions)

I’m not interested in trying to fix a date, but somewhere around two years ago Taraa Density was given a four hour ban from Stonehaven.  Taraa had always had this “don’t touch me” thing .  Anyone daring to touch her restraints could be pretty much assured of being caged and railed against.  She was okay most of the time, and a friend of Bev’s (who was occupying the NE quarter at that time) so I let a lot of things slide I probably shouldn’t have.

One day Taraa was wearing an Evil Titler.  This is a device which announces publicly to please give her a new title and how to do it.  All you have to do is speak on a certain channel and the new title appears, and an announcement is made as to who changed the title.  Some poor hapless noob changed her titler to “Evil”.  He was accused of “touching” her.  The noob never touched her; he spoke on a silent channel.  Taraa caged him, berated him, and eventually drove him from the sim.

A warden, Blanche, witnessed this and asked her repeatedly why she had done this and if there was more than she had witnessed that had taken place.  All Taraa would say is, “read my profile.”  Blanche made the decision to get an obviously agressive person out of the sim until I could be consulted.  She banned her for four hours.  Taraa wrote me wanting me to reprimand and dismiss my “wiotchy bitchy obviously out of control” warden.  I should note that she tried to lie to me about the incident.  However, unknown to anyone, I was nearby in my alt and witnessed the entire thing.  I said I thought Blanche was going soft, only giving her four hours.  Its never smart to square off against a Warden.  She sent me an IM, which by SL terms of service I cannot reproduce here.  Suffice it to say it was heavily peppered with profanity and accused me of not having the spine to deal with my out of control warden.  At this time I chose to make her ban permanent.  Up until this point she was welcome to return at any time she wanted.

Since then she has decided to start her own play place and exclude anyone with even the most tenuous link to Stonehaven.  My only comment is, its her land and she has every right to make whatever rules she wants and invite or exclude anyone she wants.

I don’t see how this makes me, Blanche or that newbie a “rapist” or “bully” as she states in the disturbing notecard she has been distributing announcing her “crusade” against Stonehaven and me personally.  As for her banning being an act of  “aggression,” I have to think of the safety and comfort of the other guests.  It would be irresponsible of me to let someone so mentally unstable behave this way unchecked on my island.  Almost two years have passed and she still can’t get over the fact she was banned for four hours.  Wearing an item that says “change me”  and then attacking someone who does so is either entrapment or delusionsal or possibly something else I cannot fathom.  I leave it to you to decide which this is.

Dirk Massiel

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33 Comments on “The Crusade against Stonehaven (and other delusions)”

  1. Walter Balazic Says:


    I’ve watched Psi (who by the way bent over backward trying to be reasonable with her), you, and several other people try to be accomidating with this lunatic. She’s told everyone that is remotely involved with Stonehaven (this now includes anyone in my family, even if they are listed as a friend member), they are not welcome on her sim, which is fine, her sim, and goes out of her way to seek out anyone who might be even remotely associated with Stonehaven. However, to accost, berade, attack, and grief people because of their association with someone or their desire to visit a sim is not only infentile but is someone I’m glad doesn’t want to be associated with me and/or Stonehaven. Moreover, for someone that doesn’t want to be here, she spends alot of her time and effort talking about you and Stonehaven. She’s a disturbed and sad person.

  2. Wanda Hobble Says:

    Yeah – I was a friend of Taraa for quite a while until she unfriended me due to me visiting Stonehaven. She is a bit… well, let’s just call her a Drama Queen. And Walter is right – still ranting about an incident that happened 2 years ago is a bit obsessive. I think she may have had a crush on Dirk and was crushed when he “rejected” her.

    She was tolerable as long as she kept her rants to herself and on her sim, but if she’s spreading hate literature, it may be time to get her out of SL.


  3. Brent2 Foxtrot Says:

    They should ban Taraa for this, how can the LIndens let her do this against a sim owner who has only done the right thing and is now trying to start a crusade against Dirk and the Stonehaven sim?

    • stonehavenjanitor Says:

      I seriously doubt the Lindens would take action as it doesn’t threaten Linden Labs directly. However, accusing me of being a “rapist” might be enough for a defamation report. My inclination is to simply resume ignoring her.

  4. Kira Skytower Says:

    Somewhere in here I think Taraa misses the entire point of a “Private Reigon” (which Stonehaven is). It’s an area for the owner to do with as he or she pleases and to have the guests he/she chooses. Stonehaven is not “Public” as her note suggests – it’s the virtual equivalent of Dirk’s front yard, or perhaps even his living room. Asking someone you don’t want in your home to leave isn’t “agression” – it’s your right. The same applies here. Dirk has been kind enough to open his living room up to all of us here and we are grateful to have a place like Stonehaven to play and socialize. If in real life you decided to curse someone out, would you expect them to let you back into their home? Of course not. Why should here be different?

    • stonehavenjanitor Says:

      Which is the greater act of “aggression”? Banning someone with a mouse click or caging, berating and driving someone from a sim? And which happened first? The action that was taken (banning) was to prevent further “aggression”.

  5. Jessica Firecloak Says:

    So I was dancing on Thursday night… at rubber Room and all of a sudden i get 2 notecard files sent to me from Taraa Destiny.. Now I had no idea any of this was going on and no clue what was happening at all.. I try to avoid drama at all costs its not worth the stress.

    Then get verbally attacked damn near by her because I had her Sim as a group I had joined unknowingly it was Dolls and I am still relatively new to SL.. so anyways.. I ask some questions as I had no idea what was happening or what was going on.

    But SH is my Home away from my RL home and she basically demanded I leave SH forever if i wanted anything to do with her SIM.. I had no idea who she was or what she was talking about. after trying to reason with her and read the notecards and find out more info she basically blew me off.. I basically thought to myself.. Fuck that.. if everyone decided to join a bitch like that I would have found myself a new home..

    Again Dirk and the staff at SH win again..
    If your reading this Taraa and I am sure you are.. Get some medication to level yourself out honey.. you need it. .

    LUV – Jessica Firecloak aka pinkpony

  6. Jessica Firecloak Says:

    ^^ only reason I know about this now is because I asked Walter Balazic who informed me and asked if i lived under a rock.. .. nope not under a rock.. but in bondage and latex!! *grins*

  7. stonehavenjanitor Says:

    Ah, it was such a quiet and pleasant weekend in SL.

  8. stonehavenjanitor Says:

    I’d like to thank Taraa for boosting the views of this blog. It usually spikes when I post something new, but this one peaked at 69 views and has been bobbing around the 30s and 40s with a few minor dips. Her efforts made this possible. Thanks for bringing new readers into the fold!

  9. Monique Sheryffe Says:

    I must admit I am a bit puzzled by the header on this website, calling it a blog, the generally accepted definition of which is “An online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page”. The problem is that the litany of follow-on comments would seem to indicate that this is more like an interactive message forum.

    But then again the whole purpose and nature of a forum would be to promote a free exchange of ideas. The absence of any dissenting opinions in the posting history, and my subsequent discovery that previous dissenting opinions have been deleted from this “blog”, leads me to the obvious hypothesis that this is neither a Blog, nor a forum, but is simply intended as propaganda, the definition of which is “Information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation.

    While I find it hard to believe that a (reputed) upstanding member of the Secondlife community like the owner of this Sim/Blog would be so resistant to the free exchange of ideas that he would engage in censorship for this purpose, my curiosity and scientific training, as well as some observations about this entire incident, compels me to test my hypothesis. The easiest test of that hypothesis would be to post a dissenting opinion, and the subsequent deletion of this opinion would be proof positive that the Sim owner in question is not upstanding, the stated version of the story does not stand up to scrutiny, and/or the actions taken in this case were not justified nor defensible.

    I suppose the first observation I would make on the face value of this recap of the incident is that there is an undue emphasis on the legality of the banning. In the grand scheme of things this is what would generally be construed as a “red herring”. Public vs private sim…..Lindens terms of service…..all irrelevant to who is right or wrong in this matter. The law is always the first refuge of a coward…or the guilty.

    But the reaction to whatever happened that day is even less capable of standing up to the question of whether it was justifiable. What I find totally ironic is that the sim in question was at the time characterized by patently confrontational encounters between cagers and cagees. Anyone walking in would be expected to be met with “aggression”, and should also feel comfortable roleplaying aggressive behaviors up to the point at which others either pushed back, or walked away. If you can’t stand the heat…..

    This legendary noobie made a move that was invited…..JUST LIKE THE IMPLICIT INVITATION OF ALL OTHER VIRTUALLY SANCTIONED AGGRESSION – like capture, caging roleplay. The fact that Taraa wore an openly inviting titler gave noobie no more right to use it than her right to cage him and “dominate him” if in fact she did.

    I also find that the circumstances by which the initial ban was given was indicative of poor leadership and decision-making. If Dirk sat back and witnessed the entire event, and saw the lack of disclosure from Blanche about her authority, and saw the escalation and the initial confrontation with the noobie, what took him so long to react? Blanche was new, she had not established her authority properly, and his impression of Taraa was that she was volatile. A good leader would have stepped in immediately instead of passively witnessing the whole event from the sidelines.

    No, there is more to the story than is being disclosed, and Taraa’s account of the situation clearly and convincingly fills in the missing information, both explaining and impugning the real story behind Dirk’s actions. And like all people with positional authority that have been called out for a mistake, the subsequent permanent ban was the proverbial action of the boy who takes his bat and ball and runs home when he strikes out three times in the game.

    This is such a familiar story that probably every one that knows about it has had happened in their families at one time or another. A minor disagreement brings out major egos, and the bully with the immediately bigger leverage pulls out his club and goes over the top, so to speak. He makes the bigger mountain out of the molehill….well… because he can, and it makes him feel good.

    Now, should this post survive in here, perhaps there is a glimmer of intent to do the right thing. If not, then the Janitor’s propaganda is what it is, and I am right in my hypothesis and my assessment.

    • stonehavenjanitor Says:

      All very interesting, I’m sure, but you miss the point.


      Everything else is moot.

      • Monique Sheryffe Says:

        No, I’m afraid that is simply the point that you prefer to emphasize, as one might expect. She is passionate, committed, and principled, with tremendous inner strength. Those are qualities that are rare and to be admired. If it weren’t for the fact that you are receiving the brunt of her reaction, you would see that.

        If the ban was not justified, as I have argued, and was done on false pretenses, as Taraa has claimed, then you should have done the right thing, instead of digging your heels in the ground. You were at fault initially, and you compounded the problem by not being candid about the original circumstances and what I see as your overreaction.

        So this issue turns on the facts of the original case, and not on her reaction – there is nothing preemptively “moot” about it.

      • stonehavenjanitor Says:

        I have no intentions of arguing this with you or anyone else. My sim, my rules. I paid $1600 to have the island commissioned and $295 a month in tier. I’ll choose the company I keep. This is not a democracy, nor is it a representative republic, its a dictatorship. Its been in the rules from day one that I reserve the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason for any length of time. If I say I will ban on those terms the reasons why are moot. Deal. I still maintain she was banned for assaulting someone after they spoke on channel 13, changing her titler. After I refused to reprimand Blanche, Taraa sent me a message calling me a spineless, lowlife, d*ckhead jerk, etc etc etc. Not the best way to get on my good side. The fact is she is a deeply disturbed individual and I want no contact with her whatsoever, even superficially.

        The same could be said for this blog. I feel no more obligation to carry someone’s screed here than the Post or the Times felt to print Kazinski’s manifesto. Nobody has any “right” to post here. The first amendment does not give you that right. You do, however, have the right to start your own blog.

        I did make a mistake with Taraa — I let her get away with this B.S. far too long because she was a friend of Beverly, who was renting the NE quarter at that time.

    • Amara Quandry Says:

      I would like to say only this. In the near year that I have known Dirk he has always proven himself to be both honorable, and fair. Never have I seen him act in any way that would invite the attacks that have been made on him by the person this is regarding. Put very bluntly, she has acted very poorly, and has placed herself, by her own actions, in a position in which she now faces a harsh response from LL itself. I would suggest that before you comment on the integrity of a person, you come to know them by their actions first. Only then are you in a position to comment on them.

    • Ryeni Halfpint Says:

      I agree with Walter below, a polite and literate statement – defending someone whom I have NEVER heard express themself with anywhere near this degree of courtesy or literacy. Yes, I know Dirk and knew Taraa (before she defriended me, we got along fairly well), and know of Blanche by reputation via a couple of close trusted friends. As for any of them being a rapist, which I define as “unwanted violent aggression”, only Taraa qualifies there.

      Monique, you have a few other facts wrong in your comment as well. One, play at Stonehaven is meant to be consensual, any “patently confrontational encounters” were either played that way for mutual fun, or one person was out of line and should have been talked to or banned by any Warden that saw it.
      Two, Blanche was not new, she had been involved at Stonehaven as a warden since the place opened, probably over a year at the time of the incident. Three, you say that this noob should have walked away – why doesn’t that apply to Taraa as well? Four, you say there is a part that wasn’t disclosed in this blog – I can think of one, Taraa’s complaint was mostly that a MAN had touched her. However, applying a title to an evil titler barely qualifies as touching someone and is not particularly gender based – and it’s on a short timer, barely enough time to even load a profile, much less read down into the picks page, where she had the “no men” rule buried, not on the first page of her profile, like yours is. For that matter, why didn’t Taraa start by ASKING this noob, who if I recall was according to his profile at the time as much a submissive as Taraa, to not do that again? No, she proved his titling accurate and both bannings justified by her violent reaction and her continued obsessive behavior.

      Having looked at your profile and seeing both of Taraa’s groups there, I suspect you have made up your mind on this issue before you even came to post here, apparently you did buy into Taraa’s “ego driven mental abuse” or perhaps she was just acting illterate and you’re her alt? If not, remind her that swearing to never ever have anything to do with Stonehaven again, like she said at least once in my presence, also involves not continuing to try to cause trouble.

      P. S. – Taraa, when you read this, I know you’ll be angry – talk to your friends about it or better yet, seem professional help, but don’t try to talk to me about it, I already muted you 😉

      • Walter Balazic Says:

        Excellent points Ryeni. Oh, and I’d like to focus on one point in particular..

        Three, you say that this noob should have walked away – why doesn’t that apply to Taraa as well?

        For the same reason Taraa feels it’s justified to ban EVERYONE that has any connection at all with Stonehaven from her sim, but then accosts and threatens everyone that has her banned from their sims. Clearly Taraa feels that she has a corner on the market to do anything SHE pleases, but nobody else is allowed to do similar things or she attacks them.

  10. Walter Balazic Says:

    Frankly, this is a very well written document. I suspect it isn’t written by the person your defending Monique, because the person your defending accosts everyone upon meeting them, slanders everyone she doesn’t like, curses like a sailor at the drop of the hat, and spends a majority of her time attacking everyone that doesn’t agree with her. She has spent a majority of the last few months griefing every single member of Stonehaven with disjointed ramblings that defame Dirk’s character. Matter of fact, the word “rapist” has been used by her to define Dirk in many pieces of correspondence from her, which I might add are unsolicited, but she chooses to grief everyone she can find with these remarks. When peoples entire lives are consumed with vendetta’s and retaliation rather than going about their own lives it’s a sad situation. I hope she gets professional help, because this never ending series of diatribes, correspondence, griefing, and attacks on everyone associated with Stonehaven just because she was banned from an RP sim in a virtual environment for 4 hours shows clear mental instability and I hope that she gets the help in real life that she needs.

  11. Lydia Wycliffe Says:

    Having a complete and firsthand knowledge of this entire incident it amazes me that we are still hearing about it now. Taraa, I understand you had an adversion to anyone touching you without your permission. You did tend to go off the deep end. Hell, I have done the same myself. There was a time I should have been banned by Dirk too for very similar reasons. Ask Yasmin, she knows. But don’t you think the time has come to simply let this go? Yes, Dirk is one of my oldest friends in SL, but everyone knows, I call it as I see it. Dirk respects that, I hope you do too. In my opinion… it is time to let this issue die. Please… everyone… let it die. It is better for everyone.

  12. stonehavenjanitor Says:

    Just FYI, you won’t see Monique posting here any more. We used to call what shes engaging in trolling. We don’t need the clutter. I just wanted everyone to see the level of delusion we are up against here. I still don’t know what my sinister motive was for kicking Taraa out of Stonehaven and frankly I don’t care.

    And yes, I am a petty tinpot dictator. You might want to note that for future reference.

  13. stonehavenjanitor Says:

    In the words of Henry Louis Mencken, “People will believe what they want to believe.”

  14. Walter Balazic Says:

    I told you before Dirk, your not a petty tinpot dictator… you are a tin plated, overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood. I’ve also seen you compared to a denivian slime devil.. *grins

  15. BloodWolf Ansar Says:

    Through this whole ordeal, I have sat here and read everything that has been going on and have not said a word up until now. Well now is the time where I let My feelings be known. I feel it is My personal responsibility to notify everybody that reads this that My filter is broken, and therefore cannot be held responsible for the things I am about to say, saying that Taraa, you go on and on about being bullied and raped, when it is you who keeps this crap going, and continues to TRY and bully the people that have banned you from THEIR SIMS.

    It is okay for you to degrade, harass, and stomp your feet like a 5 year old until you get your way, well it is NOT going to happen. So I would STRONGLY suggest that you, get over it, MOVE ON, and BUY A LIFE that you so DESPERATELY need and desire, hence the reason why I think you try to have a life here in Second Life because of the lack of a life you have in Real Life, if there is a such a thing for you.

    Because of the display you have shown all of us I tend to think that there is NO sense of reality for you, just your own delusional world.

    As for your drone friends that post comments on this blog, their comments are not sought out nor desired, so you might want to try and tell them to get a life as well since they follow your every move like the good little Lemmings they are, I just ask one favor… Finish the journey right off the mountain.

    Now Monique, you have got some serious issues as well, one that I have to question the integrity of your decisions or lack there of. You say you think with your own mind but you follow the steps of your delusional friend, so that makes you a lemming just like the rest of them. Do you actually have the capability to make sound decision or is it all a smoke screen? I am leaning more on the side of it being a smoke screen taking the fact that you state you have been in this lifestyle since you were 15 years old and are now 25 years old. Please give us a break! We are the people who have been in this *lifestyle* from a LEGAL age and are able to make sound decisions, unlike a 9th grader who hung around people that took advantage of her naive fragile mind and gave her a false sense of belonging, which leads Me back to what I have thought all along, all of you that bad mouth Dirk DON’T have FREAKING CLUE.
    You all say that Dirk is not upstanding, and does all kinds of dishonorable things, when in fact he is one of the most giving persons I know here in Second life and continues to march on day by day giving everything he has to help people and give them a wonderful and SAFE place to play. Can you say that about your *Lemming Leader*, who in fact does not let ANYBODY have control or let play with the toys she has in her place? Go ahead and lie about that too. If she doesn’t agree with the way that you are breathing, then look forward to being banned from her SIM. If you don’t do what she demands, you are going against her which she will misconstrue to being attacked and you will have to watch out for her futile attempt at what she so calls *her wrath*.

    Now Taraa, I have heard so many different horror stories about you and your delusions, that it makes Me truly wonder if you have the mental stability to even control your own bodily functions or are you sitting there covered in drool along with other bodily fluids and such.

    It MIGHT just help if you get a prescription filled for Thorazine so you will have the excuse to sit there like a vegetable, with no mental functions obsessing over ONE THING, rather than having a life like you have said so many times before. Taraa, you actually say you have a real life and are completely happy with it with a meaningful relationship, correct? Well that bares the question, does the person you have this relationship with HAVE A PULSE or is he or she hidden in your closet or under your bed in a garbage bag full of dust and bones? I tend to think it is the latter of the questions.

    Now to finalize one more thing before I let every see EXACTLY how I feel about you. If you actually have the BALLS to stand up to Me face to face, not through berating or lashing out through the people I love and cherish, I invite you to make a stand and if you are feeling truly * froggy*, then LEAP, or is it your style to cower in a corner lashing out like a wounded rabid animal, we shall soon see.

    And Last but NOT LEAST, I dare you to continue lashing out at My girls and the people I care about, you will have NO clue what hit you when it comes to My Wrath.

    For everybody else that is reading these post, I implore you to make your own decisions about this unstable persons rants and what she feels has to be done. Dirk is one of the greatest guys here and will give you the shirt off his back if you need it.

    Thank you All for putting up with this post and reading it in its entirety.

    Stonehaven Warden, Protector, AND Mistress

    BloodWolf Ansar.

    • stonehavenjanitor Says:

      BW, I appreciate the kind sentiments. In truth, this is all about ego. I bruised her ego and now nothing short of driving me from SL will be enough of a revenge.

      210 views the other day, a smattering of posts and the general consensus is, we’re sick to death of this.

    • Walter Balazic Says:


      Good to see a 3rd Warden here defending their home and the person who had made it home for all of us. Dirk says it all below. We are all sick of this. Although not everyone is posting this sentiment for various reasons (I don’t post in blogs, I want to stay out of it, I don’t want to add fuel to the fire, etc, etc, etc..) there isn’t a person that I’ve encountered that doesn’t agree that we want Taraa to “go away” period. Nobody wants her here, so ban or no ban, she isn’t welcome at Stonehaven.

      • Walter Balazic Says:

        Correction, 4th Warden.. (regardless of her status I still consider Lydia a Warden…)

  16. Jessica Helendale Says:

    I haven’t been to Stonehaven very much in the last 12 months but I still have it in my picks. I don’t know the truth of what happened or what didn’t happen. All I know is that Taraa Destiny just verbally assaulted me for being in her sim with Stonehaven in my picks and ejected me while I was still going WTF?

    We continued chatting in IM and she calmed down a little bit and sent me the notecard that others have mentioned. Taraa and Dirk and everyone are entitled to their free speech and running their sims as they wish. All I really know for sure is how I was just treated…

    • Kira Skytower Says:

      Jessica –

      I am sorry you had ended up getting pulled into what is basically Taraa’s quest to destroy Stonehaven over an incident that happened close to two years ago. The ironic thing is that she while claims her crusade against Stonehaven is because of how she was treated here, she treats visitors to her sim with even the most tenuous connection to Stonehaven in an openly hostile manner. My advise here is to ignore her, mute her and move on, she is worth neither your time or effort.

      For several weeks both myself and Jessica Xeltentat tried to bring some measure of resolution here. We failed, totally and completely. The trouble is that Taraa does NOT want this to be resolved. She craves the attention. In her real life, I am convinced Taraa spends much of her time home, alone, and on Second Life while her boyfriend travels for buisness. She doesn’t get any attention at home, so much like that troublesome kid we all knew in grade school, she gets attention here by acting out. She spends her time plotting new ways to get people to come to her and say “you poor thing”.

      I also suspect there is another factor at work here (and Wanda hit this nail right on the head). The reason she pursues all of this with such venom is that she did indeed have a “crush” on Dirk (sorry Dirk, I officially owe you lunch for the one I just made you lose). Any normal, sane person would have gotten over being banned from a place they claimed they were boycotting a long time ago. Taraa still persues her crusade with the vengance of the jilted lover she feels she is. She even goes so far as to claim that being banned from Stonehaven is the emotional equivalent to being raped to her. I can’t imagine any woman who has been raped would even consider the two events comparable, but it starts to make a bit more sense if she did indeed have a “crush” on Dirk.

      Her sim speaks volumes to what is going on inside her head. From what I have seen at her place and the way she runs it, I cannot help but think that she built her sim so she could be like her idol Dirk. She claims to run it as a friendly place, where she rules fairly “unlike Stonehaven.” Jessica’s story is fairly typical of Taraa’s “friendliness” and her “fairness”. I received the same treatment from her several months ago when I made the mistake of going there, as have several other friends of mine. Should you actaully be accepted there (as I was breifly when I tried to resolve all of this) you quickly discover the toys are all set of owner only mode – the place is all about HER. It really has little actual traffic, it’s traffic numbers are generated by her and a bare handful of her friends leaving their avatars logged in and there all the time. It’s not uncommon for people to go there and discover there are 4 or 5 people in the sim and they are all asleep in real life or AFK. Their avatars there just to try to decieve Linden Lab’s traffic counting system so her sim shows up in search so people will be drawn there so she rant and rave about Stonehaven …

      I’m quite sure that by posting this I am only fueling her anger which she will likely take out on some poor hapless visitor to her sim. Next time I see one of her friends at Stonehaven (and yes, several of them do visit, they just take off their “TaraTraz Guard” tags when at Stonehaven) I will have to remember to appologise to them for causing her to rant at them for hours on end about this post and about how horrible I am.

      Kira Skytower
      Stonehaven Warden

      (The letter above, and all of my writings on this blog are my own opinions on the matter based off what I have seen/heard inworld. I leave it to the reader to make his/her own descisions here.)

  17. I wandered into Taraa’s sim, and suddenly I found myself frozen in place. Not the good frozen, like someone had managed to surprise me with an RLV trap. The parcel power frozen.

    Then I got a notecard, and a bunch of verbally abusive IMs depicting in colorful language how evil the people of Stonehaven and Dominique sims were.

    What earned me this abuse it seems was having their groups in my profile.

    I tried to explain that I didn’t want to be involved in this dispute that I had never before now heard of, but that didn’t seem to be sufficient for her. Apparently this is one of those “your one of us or one of them” sorts of things.

    I don’t let my friends tell me who my friends can be, much less total strangers.

    Muted and AR filed on the grounds of defamation of character.

    I would have been perfectly happy never having to have heard of any of this… but since I had it forced on me, now I have an opinion, and it’s not the one she was hoping for.

    WhiteFire Sondergaard,
    Owner of Lascivious Vulpine.

  18. Kira Skytower Says:

    The paranoid get more paranoid …

    It seems that recently Taraa has installed a Client Detection System (CDS) relay or something similar on her sim and is currently using this to log the IP addresses of those who visit her there. These systems are fairly unreliable as the nature of the internet means that IPs are often fairly dynamic, however this fact does not seem to be preventing Taraa from logging them and making threats and accusations based on them.

    So, if you should happen to decide to visit her sim, keep in mind that Taraa will have your IP address and will be frantically trying to figure out who you are, where you are and whose alt you may be. If you want a bit of privacy in your second life, I would recomend finding a sim not owned my a by the cronically paranoid.

    Kira Skytower
    Stonehaven Warden

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