TP guns and traps

As some of you may know Kira Skytower has been working on an RLV teleport gun that works despite the forced landing point on the Shopping Platform.  I’m happy to say the first TP guns are available from a dispenser in the information center at the corner of the patio, right next to the blue sign that dispenses free cage guns.  This TP gun will strip and send your target to the holding cell at the corner of the patio.  The gun is free and only works in Stonehaven and only on those using RLV and a relay.  Thank you, Kira for your time and effort and producing a nice looking piece, complete with a holster and draw/holster animations.

This necessitated a slight wording change in the rules.  With traps, I’ve migrated over to those that only affect someone with an open RLV relay; making the natural assumption that if you’re wandering around Stonehaven with an open relay, you’re probably up for a little adventure.  Because of the nature of this TP gun we’re going to broaden the definition of who is okay to capture to anyone with an open relay.  (IE: set to Auto, or Ask and they respond “yes”)  Please continue to use your common sense as to who you try to capture.  Don’t launch a hail of TP bullets into a scene.  Don’t steal someone’s submissive from their side.  Etc.

Thanks again to Kira Skytower.  I hope you enjoy the new toy.

Dirk Massiel

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2 Comments on “TP guns and traps”

  1. Wanda Hobble Says:

    YAY, KIRA! Good stuff – sounds like we’ll be having a lot of fun there for a while.

    I really hope people will be adult and reasonable about it so we don’t have to have a whole new pile of rules. If you don’t wanna get captured, turn your relay off!


  2. Dawa Gurbux Says:

    Yay! I applaud the new rule. It makes it more risky/fun to hang out at SH… I like it!

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