Fond farewells

Earlier this morning, Lydia Wycliffe informed me shes closing her jail high above Stonehaven.  She says SL is no longer fun.  Lydia, wherever you land we wish you health and happiness and hope you’ll still visit from time to time.  The platform is still there for the moment, its fate undecided.

Dirk Massiel

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3 Comments on “Fond farewells”

  1. Beverly Ultsch Says:

    Lydia, wherever you go and whatever you do I wish you all the best.

  2. Lydia Wycliffe Says:

    To Dirk and all my dear freinds at Stonehaven. Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown me over the years. You all have been greatest. I would not have stayed around as long as I did if not for all of you. Closing the jail was both difficult for me and easy. Difficult because I have enjoyed being a part of Dirk’s Stonehaven. Easy because I simply didn’t see the value in it any longer. Few people ever came by. Dirk can use the prim for other more popular attractions. As for visiting once in awhile… I fully intend to do so. I know my profile seems quite final, but it isn’t. I wrote it when quite down. I have lost many friends… but many do remain and I value you all. I will be back to visit… you couldn’t keep me away.

    Love, Lydia

    • Walter Balazic Says:

      Lydia, I hope you visit often, we will miss you being around. You’ve always been a good friend to me, and if you ever need anything, or want anything, you need only ask. I wish you nothing but the best always..


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