Turning the forced landing point off

I promised a blog post on this and since I have a few minutes now, I had better get it posted.

As anyone who has been following the traffic numbers knows, Stonehaven is dying.  Traffic is way down.  I’ve looked at traffic in other places and this is not simply due to it being summer in the northern hemisphere.  People have voted with their feet and are going elsewhere.

There are many possible reasons for this.  I suspect its mainly the lag and Mono Freeze bug.  Unfortunately, LL appears to have laid off the one employee who understood the Mono bug and was capable of fixing it, so I don’t know where we stand there.

I know a good deal of it is the forced landing point.  I have anecdotes of people landing in Snark and walking across the bridge just to avoid the landing point.  Some of those people are simply staying in Snark, or going to places easier to get into.  This I CAN do something about.  I can either let the platform traffic suffer or let the traffic in the entire region suffer.  In an attempt to save the traffic we still have, I’ve turned the landing point off.  Search will still bring people to the shopping area, as will the kiosk outside the cage room, the express TP on the patio and any Map TP anywhere on the island.

This doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the vendors.  I’m going to get them a place that people can walk to.  Right now, the plan is to have a shopping mall under the cage room.  This will preserve the esthetics that Psi desires and yet provide ease of accessibility.

As of now, you can TP directly to anywhere you want on the island.  Force TP toys will work.  This will not affect the TP traps or Kira’s TP gun.  Those will continue to work as they always have.

I will continue to monitor the traffic in the weeks ahead.  If people have moved on, that’s just how it is.  I won’t keep the place open if we have no traffic.  Stonehaven has given me a lot and at the very least she deserves dignity in return.  This doesn’t mean I’m closing the place up and leaving SL.  I still have a few ideas and I think the old girl still has a little life left in her.

Dirk Massiel

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One Comment on “Turning the forced landing point off”

  1. Sad to see that server side bugs are driving people away in such numbers, I’m sure quite a few people are the exponential type where they stop coming because there’s to few people thus leaving it with even less people and making it worse. It’s a hard trend to nip in the butt but I wish you all the luck Dirk.

    I for one am with you to the end.

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