Renting and Revelry

The Halloween party was a huge success.  At one point I noted 35 people present and watched the sim stats, waiting for the inevitable crash, but SHI hung in there like a trooper.  Although it did get laggy, text kept flowing, dancers kept moving and the music kept streaming.  And everyone had a great time.  Thank you for partying with us.  Expect another party around Christmas.

I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Walter Balazic for organizing the event and also putting up a cash prize for best costume.  I freely admit I don’t do well at organizing parties, either in SL or RL, so it is a relief to me he wants to take this on.  I’d also like to acknowledge his girls, who I’m sure got volunteered for this event.  I’d especially like to thank the vendors who contributed all the wonderful prizes.  BFE, MoDesign, Restrained Freedom, The Candee Shoppe, SUBlime Designs, KaS Designs, Hybridz and Camryn Darkstone for her competition winning house.  You all make our Second Lives much more interesting with your wonderful creations.  Thank you for sharing them with us and for your support of Stonehaven.

A rare event — lot 8 in Stonehaven Village has come available for rent.  This is one of the back corner ones.  Secluded and much of it water.  If you have ever wanted to live here, this is your chance.  Just “buy” the land and I’ll instruct the rental box to credit you your first month’s rent.  After that you just pay the box to renew.  Even if you don’t want to rent and are just curious, feel free to come take a look.  Please remember that the lots in the Village are private homes and shouldn’t be entered without permission of the renters.  The walkways and the Inn at the center are public spaces and you’re welcome to explore these.

As always, space in the shopping mall under the cage room remains available.  Regular spaces as well as low prim wall spaces.  Get your product seen — drive traffic to your main store.  Visit the Stonehaven vendor while you are there and help yourself to the freebies.  Simple little things I’ve made that I don’t want to charge for.

Dirk Massiel

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