Thankful for the dream while it lasts

Here in America its Thanksgiving.  I don’t think Americans should have a monopoly on reflecting on those things we are grateful for.

Much water has passed under the bridge since the first Stonehaven build in Littlefield, circa June 2007.  Since that time it has been my privilege to meet a great many good people and had the honor to call many of them friend.

In recent months there has been a disturbing trend.  I’ve noted people leaving, popular places closing and in our own case an outflow of vendor rentals.  There was a time I was turning away renters at a rate of one a week.  We simply didn’t have the space to handle all the people who wanted to sell at the Stonehaven mall.

(Incidently, the Village has an open lot to rent again.  These usually rent fairly quickly — the Village seems immune to this so far.   If you want to live there, grab it quick.  Once word gets out a lot is available it won’t last long.)

Why are all these people and places leaving SL?  Well, I’d have to guess the primary reason is the economy.  I’d bet a lot of people are selling or abandoning their land and going to free accounts.  If you look at the cost of a region on OS Grid and compare it to what Linden Labs charges, you’ll see a wide disparity.  Yes, OS Grid doesn’t have an economy.  Yet.  Content is limited.  But if you’re building your own stuff anyway, its like doing everything for the first time.

Another is a series of decisions and moves by Linden Labs that defies all sense of intelligence and reason.  These all seem to be centered around their blind desire to be Mainstream.  They desperately want to be seen as a place for business to do online meetings, schools to do online classes, and especially as an online social network, ala Facebook.  Indeed there seems to be a huge desire on their part to link Second Life to Real Life.

Businesses are not going to abandon the conference call or teleconferencing for SL.  SL requires someone to create an account, an avatar, learn the basics of movement, etc.  Its too complex and too fragile to take seriously.  Same for education, unless you are trying to teach how to use SL.  As for linking SL and RL, a huge chunk of the SL population is there to get away from RL.  The last thing they want is to link the two.

I submit the entire philosophy of LL is pure insanity.  Instead of trying to be something they are not, they should embrace what they are.  What built SL?  Sex and gambling.  Move the physical operation to a country you can have both (most of your user base is European anyway), eject the minors, lower the punitively high tier and stop being ashamed of what you are.  If you insist on keeping an underage contingent, which I think is a bad mistake, make a new PG continent, move all the PG regions there and restrict minors to this continent.  In fact, this should be done regardless of whether you keep minors or not.  It was stupid to mix Mature and PG regions together on mainland in the first place.  Untangle the mess.

And for the love of god, FORGET Viewer 2!

Dirk Massiel

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5 Comments on “Thankful for the dream while it lasts”

  1. Moss Hastings Says:


    You have said it Dirk, and I doubt anyone could have said it better. Now you have got that out in the open, of course Linden Labs will listen and mend their ways.

    However … on the offchance that they do not, do we have a Plan B?

    • stonehavenjanitor Says:

      That would be OS Grid. Walter Balazic has been a busy little bee over there. If the worst comes to pass and SL goes under or becomes untenable, that is where we will probably land.


  2. Wanda Hobble Says:

    You’re 100% right about the business stuff. First of all, why would a business want to use avatars? Videoconference yes, but why look at someone else’s puppet? The only use I can see is training for dangerous things, and even that is limited because it does not train “real” responses.

    Then there’s the laughable uptime – no real business would put up with the amount of downtime, bugs, freezes – it’s even worse than Microsoft!

    The only real use I can see of SL for business is advertising: looking edgy and trendy getting involved with an avatar world. But that ship sailed awhile ago.

    Now if we can just get RLV devices in OSgrid…


  3. Alexander Chapman Says:

    First of all i want to thank you Dirk for the Best Times i had in beginning of SL while SH was still in Littfield (and surely after the moving)..even the fact i didnt visited SH much anymore, it was always great to hang out the past Months i realized many Creators and Residents wandered off to which is based on OSGrid and has its own Currency (even Terminals in there inworld where L$ can be converted in it) and Market..not much BDSM Content in there by now but maybe a chance to give it a new Start (you get a whole Sim for around 60$ there).

    Greetings, Alexander

    Keep it up and thank you again for all the Fun Time we all had at SH, without you many will miss something 🙂

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