One chapter ends, another begins

And so it comes down to this.

I filed the ticket officially closing Stonehaven Island at two minutes past midnight SL time on the morning of April 2nd.

I have a lot very mixed feelings about all this.  There are certainly things about SL I will miss.  There are many things I will not miss.  On the whole it is a solemn occasion for me and one for quiet, private reflection.  Many successes, many mistakes.  Many good memories, many I wish I could forget.  As Stonehaven Island winks out of existence for the last time, I look on with a tear in my eye, but a mild sense of pride.  I think I did some good after all.

Those still wishing to visit Stonehaven can come to OSGrid.  Check my previous post for how to get there or visit and learn about the new community coalescing there.  The recent strides have been remarkable.

I think we’re going to be okay.

Dirk Mathers

(Post Script: Stonehaven Island de-rezzed at 3:09am SL Time.)

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6 Comments on “One chapter ends, another begins”

  1. Walter Balazic Says:

    You gave us all a wonderful home in SL Dirk. Any of us who have had the pleasure of calling it that, or being there know what I mean. I know that the new location will be the very same way because YOU are behind it. Looking forward to many years in our new home.. 🙂

  2. Shuggi Says:


    I know I haven’t been around, rl pressures I’m afraid. Take pride in what you achieved. Stonehaven was, still is, meaningful for many in SL.

    The only way to become excellent is to be prepared to make excellent mistakes. Mistakes should not be feared or regretted as they’re part of life and part of what makes us who we are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the at oft times thankless task of curating Stonehaven; it is by far the most defining place in SL for me.



  3. Reese Addens Says:

    I took one last, sad look around the old empty shell that was Stonehaven tonight, before it sinks back into the SL sea. I know it will be missed by many more than you will know, Dirk. We must remember that for every door closing another one opens; it’s only the first half of this transition that we’re mourning. I have yet to get over to ‘the other side’ (RL is really busy, atm), but I am certain that it will work out. Best of luck, Dirk, in the rebirth.


  4. stonehavenjanitor Says:

    SOMEBODY decided to file a ticket with LL requesting SHI be brought up to retrieve their items. Since I know Kira returned all the prims I don’t own, apparently someone thought it was a good idea to exhume Stonehaven from her new grave. So much for leaving SL with dignity. Between the patio party and this event I am thoroughly disgusted.

  5. Aurélie Catena Says:


    I’m Aurelie Darkfold from SL. Stonehaven was my main playground when I was on SL. I stopped going on SL because it was getting slower and slower. Not SH, SL. It was a general observation on all sims.

    I’m glad to read that you have relocated to a new place and I’m willing to give it a try. I’ll come to see you soon! I have been looking for a replacement since I left SL and it seems you have found a good place.

    • walterbalazic Says:

      Stop by Aurelie… Things are even better now than they were last year. Tons of content, the servers run great, alot more people… Come by for a visit…

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