A New Lease on Life… Now it’s Stonehaven… I Blame LL…

I haven’t posted in far too long and I wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were mythical.  🙂

OSGrid has really given us all a new lease on life; not just Stonehaven.  Sam used to say I seemed happiest when I was building.  I’ve been building more than I ever have in the past weeks.  We all have, in fact.  Cam has been turning out some gorgeous buildings. Ada went boot crazy for a while — people have been coming in from all over the grid as word spread of her gorgeous new line of boots and clothing. Walter has been turning out new restraints. I’ve been dinking with an interrogation chair and made my very first venture into animations — a static sitting pose. OSGrid is like a blank canvas just waiting for our paints and the strokes of our brushes. It feels good to build just for the joy of building and no pressure to sell it for money to give tribute to the Linden Gods in the form of  “tier” that is ungodly high for no good reason.

I am proud to announce we just acquired the rights and the prims to bring the original Stonehaven Castle, Insky Jedburg’s Gothsburg Castle, to OSGrid.  We rezzed her up last night and placed her in her rightful spot atop the hill.  She looks like a real lady.  When it was done, we stood on the patio and Walter said, “Now it’s Stonehaven.”  I think that sums it up.

We note with a quiet shake of the head that Linden Labs continues its determined march toward becoming an extension of Facebook and off into obscurity.  And it seems many residents are unwilling to wait for the inevitable moment when Linden Labs suddenly notices they have a lot of underage kids and BDSM and sex all on the same grid… and decides the “adult” stuff is “icky” and makes it go away.  Wish it deep into the cornfield, Anthony.  Wish it deep…  And now we hear they will make viewer 2 mandatory at the end of this month.  This effectively bans the use of Meerkat to export Full Permission prims and take them to another grid. Think about that — you will have no ability and no right to take what you built yourself off the SL grid.  My advice — run now and make a smooth transition before you wake up one morning and discover yourself completely cut off from SL.  If not OSGrid, then another grid or milieu.  But I urge you to at least explore the alternatives so you have a place to land.

We are building a new BDSM community on OSGrid and you are welcome to join us in whatever capacity you are comfortable with.  If you have always wanted your own island but choked at the $1000 setup fee and $395 a month, you can do it here for $25 a month and no setup fee.  If you just want a little lot to call home — some place to leave “guests”, you can rent a village lot for $3 a month.  Come on, you probably spent more than that for lunch yesterday.  If you just want to come and play, we’d love to see you there.  It won’t cost you a dime.  Skins, hair, clothes, toys… its all free.  If you’re just curious, come and look.  No pressure.  Questions?  Ask away.  Answering them makes us feel smart.  🙂 http://worldoflittlefield.com

At odd moments, we’d be sitting on the patio and discussing something that had gone wrong and I’d suddenly declare, “I blame LL.”  I found this was not only humorous, but accurate often enough to save a great deal of time.  Last night Walter presented me with an “I Blame LL!!” t-shirt.  Got me a castle, got me some RLV toys, got me the t-shirt.  Checklist complete.

Dirk Mathers

(Edit: Village lots at $3, not $8 as I originally posted.)

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