Onward and Upward

I haven’t posted in approximately forever and I don’t know if anyone is even following this anymore anyway, but it seems about the right time to post.

Life here in OSGrid is good. We’re up to four servers and about 40 regions. We just had a couple new people renting an island from us the other day. Nice people. The price of a full region is down to $20 a month. No setup fee. The current version of the OS software is nice and stable. Still no physics engine yet, but I saw a demo of Bullet just recently and it looks very promising. I’d guess we’ll have it here before very long. On the whole, we’re come a very long way in a short time.

Cheap tier, free content and uploads, good people and zero drama. Traffic is still light, but the the people we have here are all good people. I’d rather have one of them than twenty of the sort that used to drop in when SH was on mainland. We’re doing well on content and have been building just for the sheer joy of it.

But now we come into fall. And as it gets cold outside, people are returning to their keyboards and logging into SL. And a lot of them are unhappy with what they find there. I still make a rare visit to SL, and I talk with curious people who come to OSGrid from SL. Apparently a lot of people and places are disappearing from SL. We note with sadness the apparent passing of Chorazin Allen’s Deitide play sim. Apparently Ally B’s club in Liraffe is all that survives of that. His old Pak Open Prison was a favorite hangout of mine in my early SL and the place I met such good friends as Lace Voom and MiaKate Merlin. The cage room in Stonehaven was an attempt to preserve something of its spirit after its closing.

Do I miss SL? Not one bit.

Dirk Mathers

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5 Comments on “Onward and Upward”

  1. Nicki Aker Says:

    heya Dirk its good to see that you are happy, not sure if you remember me or not but i remember you and just wanted to let you know its nice when good things happen to good people and good luck with all you endeavours

  2. Walter Balazic Says:

    Life has been wonderful here on OSgrid. We are all one big giant happy family and we all have our home Stonehaven!! My grandmother and grandfather used to have a plaque on the kitchen wall that said “a house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made of love alone”… That’s how we all feel here at Stonehaven. I love coming in and hanging out and building with Dirk and my girls. Seeing our new friends here and our old ones who have come over from SL. There’s no money stress, no vendor stress, everything is free, and everyone is SOOOOOO creative here!! All of us have been building our asses off, and now we do it for fun rather than to keep a sim alive. Us all moving was the best thing we ever did!!

  3. Nue Broome Says:

    SL misses you though. I’m standing now in Snark, where the bridge from Stonehaven used to end, gazing out into a calm SL ocean. In the distance, on my left, I can almost but not quite see the cage room, with its glass maze glinting in the fading sunlight. A little to the right in my mind’s eye stands the clock tower, while behind looms the rocky crag that supports Stonehaven Castle.

    • walterbalazic Says:

      So come see us in OSgrid… Alot of people are coming everyday there as LL continues to take a wonderful environment and do everything in their power to hose it up. We’d love to see you there Nue..

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