Happy Anniversary part 1

Okay, so last night I was accused of being a slacker because I haven’t posted in so long.  Well, I am a slacker.  So?  🙂

We’re coming up on the anniversary of Stonehaven Island in SL, and also its rebirth on OSGrid.  More information on the exact date(s) of the coming party in OSGrid when those dates are firmed up.  As usual we will be rezzing up a special island for the event, Stonehaven Party Isle.  If you want to attend and haven’t been to OSGrid before, you may want to stop by a day or two early so you can outfit your avatar with skin and clothes at the nearby Littlefield shopping regions.  Five regions of free shopping goodness.

Of course, all this had me asking the usual question of “how many years does this make it now?”  Faulty memory.  I can never recall.  So how did this all get started?

Mr Plastic Hair of 2005

Back in November of 2005 I created my Dirk Massiel avatar.  I’d been known as Dirk in computer circles since the late 1970’s and at that time you simply did not give a computer your correct name.  I had adopted “Dirk M” when “Dirk” was not available on Penet.fi, and later Dirk Mathers.  SL demanded I use one of the approved last names from their list.  I decided to stick with an M name and chose Massiel.

Chorazin Binder (standing), Mia and Lace at Pak Open Prison

Things were fairly bleak on the BDSM front in SL back then, at least for someone who was openly male.  Toys were practically non-existent.  The only practical way to restrain someone was with a cage, and those were rare.  After a short time I publicly stated there was nothing there for me and left.  I’m not sure precisely when, but somewhere around a year later I returned to find attitudes toward males hadn’t really changed a whole lot, but cages were certainly a lot less rare.  It wasn’t long before I found Pak Open Prison where I met Chorazin Binder (wherever you are, I hope you are well), MiaKate Merlin (god rest her soul), and Lace Voom (the definition of “scamp”).  Pak was very much like the Stonehaven cage room.  I began to haunt it.

The Griefer Picture

I also began to collect cages and before long wanted a place I could rez them and perhaps share them with friends.  I wanted a home.  Having only made two things on my first stay in SL, I now got started on the third; my ugly little skybox.  It was entirely built by eye.  It was hideous.  I agonized over it for hours.  I bought a little 2048m patch of land in Kamet and set up my skybox there.  I invited Niamh Hax to the place for some play.  I had her in the math cage and was thinking we were alone, when suddenly here comes a picture offer.  Someone was hovering outside, taking pictures of us.  So much for privacy.  It did however inaugurate a tradition with all land I have ever owned in SL — within the first week I was invariably visited by a griefer.  SL’s welcome wagon.

It didn’t take very long before I discovered a truism of SL.  The constraining resource in any build is prims.  Around this time Chorazin Allen closed Pak Open Prison and opened Deitide.  While it was a much larger area, something about the plastic habitrail space station look of the place didn’t feel right.  I felt a dungeon needed to be on or under the ground.  It should have the look of earth and stone that the new place lacked.  And then came the final impetus…

more later


(edit: added photos)

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One Comment on “Happy Anniversary part 1”

  1. Wakinglife Gyranaut Says:

    What a joy it is to hear about one of my favorite places in SL. I’ve heard parts of this tale while lounging at the patio, my Jades kneeling so docile at my feet (as she ties my boots together). I was brought to Stonehaven early in my SL life, and I thank the gods for this. There is also the pleasure of having known many of the ring leaders you mention here, as well as countless visitors bringing joyous mischief. I think of Stonehaven often, very often. And I always smile.

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