Happy Anniversary part 2


One night at Deitide, I was showing a young lady the math cage, but encountered a surprise.  This was a prototype Monica had made and didn’t behave exactly as I anticipated.  In the pause of my confusion, Ally walked up, took control of the cage and took over my scene and my victim.  I was totally cut out and the two women went on to play by themselves.

This was the incident that pushed me over the edge.

All around SL I had witnessed all manner of poor behavior and sometimes downright dangerous play.  Just because there is no physical aspect to online play doesn’t mean you can’t still do psychological damage.  There were places a person could go to engage in “non-consensual” play; even though by going there they are consenting.  If “Safe, Sane and Consensual” was good enough for Real Life, why couldn’t those principles apply to “Second Life” as well?  There was a better way to run a BDSM play space and I was going to do it.

One thing was certain; the 2048m lot in Kamet was not going to be big enough.  I began pouring though the land sales, spending hours teleporting around and looking at countless lots.  And then I happened on Littlefield!  A mostly flat, green region that gently sloped downhill to the north.  It was being sold in 1/8th region lots; 8192m each arranged as two rows of four.  If one were to count starting in the upper left corner, I selected lot three; just East of center in the Northern row.

My friends, Niamh Hax, MiaKate Merlin, and Lace Voom were supportive, but Lace especially wasn’t sure it was the best idea to let go of my land in Kamet.  I did see my persistent photographing spy one last time while I was putting the land up for sale.  He was hovering about, looking for the skybox that was already gone.  I never did see him again.  And to this day I still wonder, what exactly did he take away from an experience like that?  I guess I take some comfort in not understanding.

Niamh and I went castle shopping.  I was still undecided, but she had her heart set on Insky Jedburgh’s Gothsburgh Castle.  I loved the choice of textures, but the primwork was a bit sloppy.  The floors weren’t entirely even.  The walls didn’t all match up neatly.  She was in love and her mind was set.  I felt that the uneven surfaces could be justified, at least on a roleplay level, as a grand old place fading from past glory.  In fact, that would even fit in with the general theme that had been growing in my mind.  I bought it, brought it back to Littlefield and rezzed it up.  As advertised, it fit my lot with a little room on all sides.  Knowing absolutely nothing about landscaping or the land tools, I began the work of placing it.

Stonehaven in Littlefield

It was barely up when MiaKate and Lace came to have a look.  And the tradition continued of a griefer visiting.  As Lace stood high atop a walkway, I looked on as a little fellow in a green troll skin flew in and landed in front of her, produced a baseball bat and swatted her into the next lot, to the South.  It took me a few seconds to find the ban list in the About Land menu.  I had never banned anyone other than my photographic spy before, and never in such a situation.  Sadly this would not be the last jerk I’d have to kick out.

Niamh Hax

It was around this time I knew I couldn’t avoid naming the place much longer, but I had no idea what to call it.  I’d nick named my little skybox in Kamet “Refuge”.  I wanted a name that sounded strong.  I was looking for something between gothic horror and Grimm’s Fairytales.  I didn’t have a clue.  Niamh Hax suggested “Stonehaven.”  We quickly searched and there were no groups by that name, no regions by that name, and it was completely clear.  (Sadly, the region name was taken by the time we were ready for our own region.)  The group was created and the plot renamed on the spot.

It became obvious fairly quickly that if I jammed the castle full of cages, I could still only rez a fraction of my growing cage collection.  This brought me back to think once again of my dearly departed Pak Open Prison.  I leveled an area at the Northeast end of the lot and started making the stone box that would become known as the Cage Room.  The sloping ground put the entrance at the Southern end partly underground and gave the impression that the whole thing was a descent underground.

MiaKate Merlin

In the planning of this, I’d asked my friends for their thoughts on things I needed to include.  MiaKate Merlin came up with a list for me.  One item she listed three times was a maze.  She’d even located a free maze generator script in the forums.  Of course this thing was run manually, so if I wanted it to make a new maze every night, I’d have to fix the script to do what I wanted.  As I mentioned, I had been in computer circles since the 70’s.  I’m from the days of the dial-up accoustic modem and the teletype.  “10 PRINT” and so on.  What I knew about LSL and event oriented programming in general wasn’t worth mentioning.  I was in way over my head.  I dived in.  The idea of a glass maze and a lounge where Dominants could relax and watch their submissives run the maze was strong in my mind.  I was strapped for space and the nice flat roof of the Cage Room was just sitting there.  It seemed the logical spot.

And now my truism of SL was raising its ugly head again: In SL, the constraining resource in any build is prims.  If it were today in OSGrid, I’d simply ask Walter if he can up my prim limit.  Or if I were feeling adventurous, I’d open up the INI file and see if I can find where to up it myself.  I didn’t know 15,000 prims per region was an arbitrary number.  I accepted it as a fact that as an owner of 1/8th of a region, 1/8th of 15,000 prims was all I could get.  It was becoming obvious I wasn’t going to have enough prims for the castle, the glass maze and enough cages to fill the cage room.  I needed more prims.

more later


(edit: added pictures and paragraph giving Niamh Hax proper credit for naming the place.)

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