Happy Anniversary part 3


The consensus had been that 1/8th of a region was big enough.  That I should take it easy to start with.  The adjacent lot, the NE corner of Littlefield, was still up for sale and this was no time to settle for half measures.  I bought another 1/8th region lot and merged the two for a whopping 1/4 of Littlefield.  The new lot would double my available prims bringing the total to 3750.  My new “prim farm” lot was going to have to stay mostly undeveloped if it were to be of any use.  Happily I had another thought there.  A toy I frequently liked to use back then was my cage thrower.  The problem was not all land owners were okay with someone using one on their land.  Why not throw in a few trees and chunks of ruined wall and make a hunting ground?  Encourage people to use their own cage guns and play capture games?  I built a wall around it the Linden way; one 10m block at a time.

All told, tier for the 1/4 of Littlefield came to $75 a month.  After a lot of cajoling, I did finally put out a donation box.  For the first months tier was covered entirely by me.  Even with later donations almost all of tier was paid from my wallet.

When Mia gets out of there, Lace is in BIG trouble.

I invited friends to come and play.  And they brought friends.  And slowly things began to take off.  Niamh, MiaKate and Lace had volunteered to help me run the place, but they couldn’t always be there.  Over time, I asked a few others to keep an eye on the place.

One day a strange girl showed up in the cage room with a magical sphere she was building.  I thought it was an interesting looking toy and let her set the thing up in the middle of the cage room.  She spent all her time standing next to it.  Her name was Psi Merlin.  It wasn’t long before Psi decided to start buying land in Littlefield herself.  Eventually she ended up owning almost half of Littlefield.  I built a gate at the Southern end of the capture forest between our two lands.

The leash anchors on the front of the castle wall were a popular place to gather and talk

Although the glass lounge did see use, it never caught on as I thought it might.  Instead people tended to congregate near the leash anchors in front of the castle so they could talk with and tease the captives.  Obvious.  I should have realized.

The place grew in popularity and the list of available toys began to grow.  One of the most popular items was Marine’s handcuffs, which had showed up on the scene around the time I was haunting Pak Open Prison.  Another were Daisy’s cages.  These were the items people would ask, “Where can I get those?”  I handed out a lot of landmarks to Marine’s vendor in Pak and Daisy’s cage shop.  Finally I did the smart thing and offered free vendor space to a few select people so I could stop being a human landmark giver and instead simply point and grunt.  Eventually a little vendor area appeared on the West side of the cage room.  Those spaces were invitation only and free for the remainder of our time in Littlefield.

We had our share of drama and griefers, but a real problem developed with a 1/8th region lot in the SW corner.  LaLinda.  It was a kiddie camp where adult and child avatars interacted in… adult activities.  And to make matters worse, some of these child avatars were coming over the wall and exploring Stonehaven!  To say I was alarmed would be an understatement.  With her 1/8th region lot she was taking half the region allotment of 40 avatars, sometimes more.  Between Psi and Stonehaven we were taking half, sometimes more.  And then came the IM from the owner of LaLinda.  She said she’d moved once already and wasn’t moving again and wanted to know what “we” were going to do about it.

My first inclinations were to state the obvious: A) We were here first.  B) Between Psi and myself we owned almost 3/4 of Littlefield, so if anyone was entitled to at least half the avatar load we were.  C) Having child avatars doing adult things with adult avatars was something I didn’t want near me or my guests and would they kindly get the hell out of Littlefield and off SecondLife for that matter.  Several of us had filed complaints, complete with pictures of a graphic nature, but apparently the Lindens didn’t care because nothing was ever done while we were there.  (The crackdown would come later, and after Linden Labs could no longer ignore it.)  However, there was one undeniable truth in her rather ballsy IM — Stonehaven had become popular and we had outgrown Littlefield.

more later


(edit: added pictures.)

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