Happy Anniversary part 4


New Years 2008 arrived.  Littlefield was overcrowded, we had what could be interpreted as “child porn” right next door, and I was terrified at the thought of guilt by association.  We needed to get the hell out of Littlefield.

Psi had been trying to talk me into the idea of each of us buying an island and parking them next to each other.  Linden Labs had recently upped the setup cost of a private island to $1675, which had made me choke by itself, but what really worried me was the recurring $295 a month in tier.  As it turns out, I was justified in my fear, but three years early.

Beverly Ultsch offered to occupy 1/4 of the island in return for paying 1/4 of the tier.  That eased my mind some, but I was still worried.  I was not and am not a rich man.  $295 a month was a lot of money.  Unfortunately she was not as good as her word.  I only got rent from her about half the time.  Eventually I reclaimed her quarter, took over the entire island and I lied about the circumstances to protect her reputation.  Since shes chosen to badmouth me since then, I will no longer lie to protect her.  She was a deadbeat tenant and I threw her out.

And now it was time for some karmic payoff.  The free vendor area, which I had started simply as a matter of convenience for the guests and myself was the obvious way to pay for tier on the new island.  I already had a list of potential renters to whom I’d been giving free space.  I’d demonstrated Stonehaven had the traffic that could and did deliver customers to them.  It couldn’t have worked out better if I’d planned it that way.

The Islands

The Hill

Psi's tower - Looking short

Gritting my teeth, I decided to bite the bullet.  Psi ordered her island first.  January 29th, 2008 I ordered mine, and we both submitted letters to Linden Labs waving the restriction on adjacent land being owned by two different people.

The special dispensation from the Linden Gods took a couple of days, but eventually, there it was.  Nothing but a single teleport hub prim.  It was amazing.  A full region and absolutely nothing in it.  Zero lag.  That first night we flew laps around the hill that would eventually expand to become the foundation for the castle.  It was exhilarating.  Like mountain air that had never been breathed by a living thing before.

Psi had already gotten a start.  Her tower, which would eventually become the tallest structure on the two islands, was already up.

Knowing it would be impossible to get any work done with constant visits by the curious, I restricted access and elected Fawn Lovenkraft the photographer of progress.  She stopped by from time to time to take pictures and posted them for the curious back in Littlefield.  Unfortunately she sent very few to me, so those are lost.  I also placed a notecard dispenser and would add comments to the notecard after a day’s work, detailing the latest progress.  Sadly, I only edited the notecard in the object and deleted it without thinking when its job was done.  So my build record is also lost.  If anyone has any copies, please send them to me.  I’d be grateful.

The work commenced and I had a setback almost immediately.  My original plan was to build a village down below the castle and have that be the shopping area.  Psi objected.  She didn’t want to see any shopping from her island.  This would begin the battle between the vendors and the roleplayers that would prove a constant challenge over the next three years.  I built a sky platform for the shopping area and made it too low and put the teleport landing spot in the wrong place.  It was rushed.  I should have sat down and thought it out once my village was torpedoed, but I didn’t.

The work continued, but it was very much a one step forward, two steps back thing.  I made a conscious decision to cut corners to get the place open fast and neaten it later.  Unfortunately, I had a lot of “help” and “advice”.  Once flaws were pointed out to me it was no longer possible to ignore them.  Its a mental deficiency of mine.  Not the only one, but in this case one of the more annoying ones.  I had to go back and re-do things many times.  I’d been hoping to open by Valentine’s Day, but it soon became a wan hope.  Eventually I simply declared I was on strike and halted all work for almost a week.

Eventually it all came together.  One night we stood on the edge of the new patio.  I believe Tat1ana Pera, Fawn Lovenkraft and Psi Merlin were present.  I can’t recall with certainty.  The only major problem was defective leash anchors which I was about to replace.  We held a brief conference.  “Is there any reason we can’t open tonight?” I asked.  No one could come up with an objection, so I quickly replaced the anchors and teleported to Littlefield.  I already had the landmark giver built, loaded and ready in my inventory.  As soon as I rezzed up, I addressed the people present.

“Want to see something cool?”  I rezzed the landmark giver.  “Come get some.”

I started picking up cages from the cage room to bring over to the new place.  Stonehaven Island was open.


Stonehaven Island April 11, 2008

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3 Comments on “Happy Anniversary part 4”

  1. Beverly Ultsch Says:

    I’ll be surprised if this post makes the blog, I’m sure Dirk will just kill it, but I’m going to say it anyway

    Yes I took 1/4 of Stonehaven.and from the comments I have and the statistics I have the most popular part.

    I did not put a donation box or vendors in my part of the sim as I felt that wound be unfair to the sim, it should only have one revenue stream.

    So at this point I’m paying (or not paying) for 1/4 of a sim out of my own pocket., with no chance of any return.

    Basically Dirk the donation box was yours and you never accepted my bit as part of Stonehaven, just expected rent, despite the fact my part was getting 1/3 of the traffic.


    • Dirk Mathers Says:

      So you’re saying you were using more than 1/4 of the resources and you still couldn’t pay your agreed share of the tier. Just let it go and stop trying to convince me and everyone else you were somehow justified.

      Thanks for reminding me why I don’t miss SL.

  2. walterbalazic Says:

    Eh.. who cares Dirk really. Bev didn’t care one bit about Stonehaven then, and still doesn’t which is fine. This post has been up what a year and she’s just decided to post, and as usual, negative I might add. That’s typical. Everyone knows what a good and nice person you are Dirk, and if they don’t they don’t know you very well.

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