Goodbye, Lydia

I should have posted on this when I first found out, but I’ve been dreading it. Lydia Wycliffe recently passed away after her cancer recurred.

Lydia was at one time a Warden in Stonehaven; someone charged with protecting the guests and protecting the region.  She also built and ran the old prison high over the island.  During the time she ran that place, you could be reasonably sure of a warm welcome by herself or her helpers.  I remember her excitement and enthusiasm while she was building it.  Sadly, real life challenges pulled her away from us.  Lydia had a turn with cancer, which she beat.  She had a difficult pregnancy, carrying twins to birth and losing one shortly thereafter.  She recently had come to OSgrid, was excited by the possibilities to build a new community there and expressed a desire to be there with us.  And then she disappeared.  That’s so often the problem with online friendships; people disappear and you never know what really happened.  For better or worse, we now know what happened.  Her husband had spent time online with her in SL.  He knew how to log in and what her password was.  He came online in Lydia’s avatar to let us know.  Her cancer had recurred.  The end was mercifully swift.

In all the time I knew her she was unfailingly good-natured.  She was a kind soul.  She lived only a few miles from me in RL; I recall threatening to come to her house and put a ball and chain on her and give her husband the key if she didn’t take it easy during her pregnancy.  That made her laugh, but I think having to take it easy during her challenges chaffed against her.  That’s why I say this final bout with cancer was at least merciful in that it was quick.

Her name is now added to those of MiaKate Merlin, Wilma Huckleberry, and Tania Boyd/Janet Manby, on the memorial marker in Stonehaven.  It is my sincere hope I don’t have to add to that marker too often.  To her husband, family and friends, my sincere sympathies.  I guess, in truth, the pain isn’t such a bad thing — it’s the price we pay for the joy of knowing such a person.  And Lydia is definitely worth it.

Lydia Wycliffe is offline.

Dirk M

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2 Comments on “Goodbye, Lydia”

  1. Beverly Ultsch Says:

    I was going to reply to earlier posts but this just puts things in proportion.

    God bless you Lydia.may you rest in peace.

    You won’t be forgotten.

  2. Beverly Ultsch Says:

    And I know it’s a late post but I had to sat something

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