Here’s an addendum that popped in my head earlier today and as long as I’m in a posting mood I may as well share it.

Stonehaven was so laggy at times we jokingly called it Laghaven.  I’ve heard some people express theories on why this was.  Opinions are like assholes — everyone has one.  In the case of Stonehaven it had many.

“There’s too many scripts running!  Its the glass maze!  There’s too many cages!  Waah waah waah…”

The first week Stonehaven was open, there was no lag until you got to about 35 avatars on the island.  The cage count never really varied.  In fact, the script count went way down after I evicted Beverly and her particle crap and laggy-as-hell Chorazin Allen cages. (Chorazin, you’re a nice guy but your cages are lag monsters.)

I will tell you EXACTLY what the problem was with lag in Stonehaven. It was two-fold.  First, BDSMers tend to be scripty as hell to start with.  Then you throw in hair with a jillion prims, each with a resizing, recoloring, denture whitening script… But worst of all, Linden Labs BROKE THE SOFTWARE.  The killer lag hit when they introduced Windlight, Voice, and the real culprit — Mono.  There was a bug in Mono.  You don’t believe me, go ask Psi Merlin.  She spent six months doing research, presenting the evidence to the Lindens and finally FORCED them to admit there was a bug in the Mono script compiler.  There was no real lag in Stonehaven before Mono.  From what I understand of the technical side of the issue, the problem could only be fixed by upgrading Mono which also would have required an upgrade of the OS and I think one other package as well.  It was an interdependence issue.  Of course the obvious solution would have been to roll it the hell back out, but by the time Psi had shoved their noses in it everyone was crack dependent on the extra script memory capacity Mono afforded. (Perhaps one day Psi will emerge from one of her comas and give the full and factual details behind this, but this is my understanding as I am best able to convey it.) The problem was never properly addressed and the one Linden who seemed to understand the issue was downsized in the Great Purge.

Proof the Linden Labs software is still broken and runs like a pile of steaming poo?  Stonehaven is alive and well on OSgrid.  There aren’t as many cages in the cage room as there was in SL.  (We’ll build more.  Give us some time.) But there’s enough scripted stuff here to be a taste of what it was Back In The Day.  So how come it runs smooth and lag free here on the “inferior” Open Simulator software? There’s no rubber banding, no swim walking in oatmeal, no delays getting script menus to open.

So why didn’t Linden Labs ever fix their mistake(s)?  Several reasons.  Its easier to tack on new shiny than fix something.  And shiny distracts you.  “Its a different kind of programming!” was a frequent excuse.  To which I would say, “Then fire the useless people and hire someone who can fix it.”  A real fix would have required upgrading a couple other software packages.  ( I find it ironic that a company who used to endlessly badger us to update to the latest video drivers with every client release was unwilling to take their own advice and update their own software.)  But the Real Reason Mono never got fixed?  Linden Labs would have to admit They Made A Mistake.

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