The decline and fall of Stonehaven in SL and it’s rebirth in OS

Its been brought to my attention that someone is posting free form delusions and theories as to the disappearance of Stonehaven from SL and my association with Walter Balazic. I guess its more fun to speculate or eat a handful of hallucinogenic mushrooms than actually ask me.

The decline of Stonehaven in SL was due to several things.  Trying to keep both the roleplayers and the vendor renters happy was a constant and ultimately impossible challenge.  Marketplace sucked most of what was left of the life out of that mall.  There were a few stalwarts, but it wasn’t enough to support the place.

Then there was a mental defective carrying on a crusade against Stonehaven.  I don’t think it cost us many people, but I’m sure it kept a few away.

Then there was the dismissal of a bunch of Wardens.  Once someone became a Warden they almost always vanished within a week. I didn’t need twenty Wardens who were never there. A few took offense. In the case of Yasmin’s crew, Yar Telling actually asked to be removed, and then wanted back in again.  I guess she wanted the tag but didn’t want the responsibility.  (Yar was another great one at inventing tales.  You and she should get together, Magnuz.  Unless of course you’re Yar.) Since Yasmin’s crew were thick as thieves, if I got rid of one I had to get rid of the lot.  In fact, I said that when the first one signed on. I really should apologize to Yasmin for the way that went down.  In fact, I will.  I had told her after someone had accused her of something that I’d always give her the chance to defend herself and if I let her go I’d do it to her face.  I’m sure she thought that extended to this as well and felt betrayed by it.  And that wasn’t my intention.  I still think doing them all at once via notecards to everyone was the best way to do it rather than one at a time and listening to the rumors fly.  Bad feelings from that made a few others wander off.

And then there were the people intent on starting their own play spaces.  This splintered the few people left.

Okay, so what brought on that act of firing all those Wardens? We’ve heard the theory that Walter was pulling strings behind the scenes.  So what was the deal with Walter exactly?

Walter came to SL and was not impressed with the state of BDSM there.  He was a RL lifestyle Dominant looking for Safe, Safe, Consensual play and places. He was disillusioned and about ready to leave when someone put him on to Stonehaven.  He fell in love with the place. Samatha Congrejo (another female impersonator, like Yar Telling) was impressed with Walter and suggested I keep an eye on him.  Up until then all the Warden appointees had been female.  Also, someone behind the scenes (Yar among them) was pushing the idea that men were not welcome in Stonehaven and I must say I barely felt welcome there myself.  I knew it would cause a sh*tstorm if I offered him a Warden tag, so of course I had to do it.

October rolled around and Samatha and a friend of hers went completely batsh*t and put 5000 prims of halloween related crap on the island without asking me.  I was taking so many beatings on a daily basis that I was worn down.  I was sick to death of Stonehaven and all the assh*les in it telling me how to run it.  I tried to give Stonehaven to Walter.  Several times.  He refused.  He encouraged me to man up and take back what was mine.  Far from pulling my strings, he helped cut them.

I donned a black leather jacket and with a whiskey bottle in my fist, I proclaimed myself to be a “mean drunk.”  I started returning prims.  I got an IM from Sam’s friend chewing me out for returning all her prims.  I replied, “Yes, how dare I return 5000 prims from My Island that YOU rezzed there Without Asking Me.”  I imagine Walter thought he created a monster when I started examining items and asking, “Whats that?  I didn’t tell anyone they could rez that here.  Its gone.”

And then I turned to the issue of the Wardens.  Like I say, I do owe Yasmin an apology because I’m sure she must have thought the “do it to your face” thing applied here as well.  But since, as I say they were thick as thieves, if I got rid of one I had to get rid of them all.  And Yar and her rumor mongering definitely had to go.  The choice of names was mine alone.  Yes, he knew who I was going to let go.  No, he didn’t pick a single name.

Ultimately, $300 a month with minimal income from a half empty mall was far too much to pay.  I told Walter I intended to close the place down and he encouraged me to delay while he looked around the OpenSim metaverse for a possible place we could move to.  Eventually he found OSgrid and he presented it as a “lifeboat”.  Frankly, the place was a mess on the first visit, but by the second the software had much improved and I saw it not just as a lifeboat but as a place for Stonehaven to live.

The mistake a lot of people make in moving to another grid is to go it alone.  We went there as a group.  Walter, his girls, myself and a few other friends.  All of us had something to bring to the table.  Rather like the old story of stone soup, everyone threw something in.  We started with literally nothing, but we weren’t lacking on most of the skills we needed.  Like the early American west pioneers we went in with nothing and built a home.

So, is Walter the Puppet Master with me now?  Functioning as a group here is just the smart way to do it.  I suppose some mental defective thinks if I don’t rent a server on my own and put up some regions all by myself I must be someone’s sock puppet.  Truth is nobody has their hand up my ass.  The name of the group is Littlefield — that’s the name of the first region Stonehaven was on in SL.  Now tell me I have no sway here.  We’re all equals.  We each bring something to the table.  And here on OS we can do it a damnsight cheaper and with a lot more control over the servers than we ever had in SL.  Ash has the servers all tweaked up so they perform great and lag is only a bad memory.  Its great here and I don’t miss SL, its cost and its drama one bit.  And I’m really lucky to be here with Walter and all the wonderful people in the Littlefield Group.  They’re my family and I am truly blessed by them all.

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4 Comments on “The decline and fall of Stonehaven in SL and it’s rebirth in OS”

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know that you had ended up in OpenSim, that’s wonderful! I have really fond memories of Stonehaven and I’m glad you found a place it can continue.

    (An aside: SL BDSM is so small-world, I also fondly recall Walter Balazic’s sim as well run with friendly folks. I also have had a number of less then positive encounters with Yasmin and her crew. Take that for what you will, I suppose, but best of luck to you all and if Summer and I ever have to shut down our sim, maybe we’ll join you all in the land of OpenSim.)

  2. Alexis / equa Afarensis Says:

    Heya, my first question is: “Where’s the puzzle cage / challenge cage???” You know which one i mean? The one where are two cells. If both cells are filled with avas the doors closes and both ava have to solve the puzzle. Who solved first get free. The other one will stuck in the cage until he/she solved the puzzle at a later challenge.

    My second question is: Is Stonehaven still online in OS?

    *sorry for my bad english*


    • Dirk Mathers Says:

      To answer your second question first — Yes, Stonehaven is still in the Open Simulator world. We have our own grid now. You can download an OS capable version of Firestorm that already has lfgrid as a default grid. Once you’re logged in just type “Stonehaven” in map search and you’ll find your way there.

      AC Juran rebuilt the puzzle challenge double cage for Open Simulator. You’ll find it in the cage room where it used to be; down the hill from the patio.

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