Littlefield Grid purchased by Linden Labs

Early VR Helmet

Early VR Helmet

“We’re quite excited,” said Darth Linden, interim manager of Littlefield Grid during the transition. “We needed a solid platform for testing and introduction of our new tablet and Oculus Rift project. Combining the portability of a tablet with the virtual reality helmet. Our own servers were far too laggy to work effectively.”

Experimental VR Suit

Experimental VR Suit

Evidence points to “The Lab” courting Facebook with several floral delivery trucks seen at Zuckerberg offices and home. And then there’s the restraining order. “Who hasn’t experienced a restraining order in the course of a relationship?” asked Darth, defensively.

When asked about portability issues of the helmet and accidents involving early beta testers walking into doorways and one in front of a casino shuttle bus, Darth was quick to dismiss these as “growing pains”.

The current beta unit does have power supply issues, currently requiring the user to carry a car battery in a back pack. “Since most of our users are sturdy youth we don’t anticipate this will be an issue. The rumors about radiation leakage are untrue. I can’t say more on that because of the non-disclosure agreement part of the settlement. However I will say the tanning application that emerged from that is pretty sweet.”

Curremt Beta VR Helmet

Curremt Beta VR Helmet

Former LFGrid admins were enroute to Bermuda and could not be reached for comment.

(Happy April Fools Day!)

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